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Title: Moonlight Enchantment
Pairing: Saïx/Xemnas
Prompt: Enchantment
Rating: R
Written for: [info]x_igrab


These two just didn't want to cooperate, but I hope you like it! :D


            Saïx paced restlessly by the window of Addled Impasse wearing nothing but his pants and boots as he basked in the glow of Kingdom Hearts. He paused in his pacing at the sound of the door closing and snarled quietly, turning to glare at the intruder.

            “You’ve been in here all day,” Xemnas said quietly, knowing that Saïx would be able to hear him perfectly.

            The snarl and glare disappeared almost immediately at the familiar voice that sent a wave of calm through his body. “I have had no desire to see any other Nobodies today. I haven’t the patience,” he said, turning his back on Xemnas to stare up at the heart shaped moon.

            “Ah, I see; but do you have the patience for this Nobody?” Xemnas asked, placing a gloved hand on the small of the Luna Diviners back.

            Saïx hissed slightly at the sudden coldness of the leather on his heated flesh, leaning into Xemnas’ touch before suddenly grabbing the neck of  the others robes and kissing him roughly.

            Xemnas’ brain seemed to cease all functioning as he returned the kiss, allowing Saïx to dominate the kiss as he found himself pressed up against a wall. “What is the meaning of this?” he demanded once the kiss had been broken and realized that his coat was unzipped.

            “As you well know, the moonlight is enchanting, and tonight, my dear Superior, I want you,” the last three words were practically growled as Saïx opened a portal and stepped through, confident that Xemnas would follow.

            The remaining Nobody touched a finger to his kiss swollen lips as his mind flashed to all the delicious things that Saïx could do to his body. He glared down at the black leather before stripping it all off and tossing it through the portal before smirking slightly and following his clothing. This was definitely going to be an interesting night.


Tags: fanfiction, kh fanfiction, kingdom hearts, rated r, saix/xemnas
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