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Pairing: Axel/Demyx
Rating: PG
Prompt:kingdom100 #81: darkness
Authors Note: inspired by the song First Day of My Life by The Rasmus. I’d upload it, but sendspace is hating me today

Still feels like the first time
To stand here by your side
Together regardless
We'll walk through the darkness
Still feels like the first day of my life

            Axel let out a yell of frustration, punching the nearest hard surface, watching as the blood ran down the wall; the bright crimson a stark contrast to the crisp whiteness of the wall. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall, sending the Assassin that had delivered the news away with a wave of his hand. So it had finally happened, Sora was on his way to the castle, and to top it all off Demyx had faded back into the darkness. Demyx had never liked the dark.

            Axel took a deep breath, ignoring the throbbing in his hand at the appearance of another Assassin. He ran a gentle hand along its spine, listening to its message before sending it away. Sora was in trouble and Axel no longer had anything to live for.

            What seemed like hours later, Axel groaned in pain as he stared up at the face of the person that was supposed to be their savior. “I wanted to see Roxas, he was the only one I liked,” he said weakly. Sure, Roxas was the only one he liked, but Demyx was the only one who made him believe that Nobodies could love.

            He gathered up what was left of his strength, opening a doorway for Sora as he watched his body fade away. Huh, so this is what it was like to go back into the darkness; it wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be. He smiled slightly at the thought of Demyx before closing his eyes and allowing himself to slip away.

            “You’re late,” a familiar voice said, nudging Axel awake.

            Axel groaned, his eyes fluttering open to find himself surrounded by darkness. “Demyx?” he asked softly, noticing the only light in the dark. “Where am I?”

            “In between. I’ve been waiting for you,” Demyx said, kissing Axel softly.

            “Now what? Are we stuck here forever?” he asked, sliding his arms around Demyx’s waist, hugging him tightly.

            “Far from it. Come on, let’s go to our next life,” he said, taking Axel’s hand and motioning toward the light that was beginning to form.

            Axel laughed. “Maybe we’ll have hearts this time,” he said, following Demyx into the warmth.


Title: Happy BIrthday
Pairing: Axel/Demyx
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: kingdom100 #9: old
Authors Note: AU warning

            In a small apartment near the center of a bustling coastal city, a blonde was sprawled on a rather comfortable couch, watching a red head pace back and forth in front of a window. “Would you relax? It’s a birthday, not a death sentence,” Demyx said; watching Axel pace was making him tired.

            “It’s a birthday alright, one that means I’m fucking old,” Axel complained, crossing his arms over his chest.

            “You’re twenty-five today, that’s far from old,” he insisted, standing up and crossing the room, resting his head on Axel’s t-shirt clad back.

            Axel sighed and glanced at their reflection, smirking slightly when he noticed how exhausted Demyx looked. “I guess an old geezer  couldn’t fuck you, what, three times today and still be functional,” he teased, turning around and sitting on the window seat, pulling Demyx onto his lap.

            “Four actually,” Demyx corrected, gazing out the window at the busy city below them.

            “My mistake,” he apologized, resting a hand on Demyx’s boxer clad ass, content to just sit here with his boyfriend and enjoy what was left of his birthday in peace. He kissed Demyx softly, running his tongue over the younger man’s bottom lip, resting their heads together.

            “Love you,” Demyx murmured softly, tracing a finger over the tattoos on Axel’s cheeks.

            “Love you too.” He ran a hand through his unruly spikes as Demyx snuggled closer.

            “Hey, Axel?”


            “Happy Birthday.”


 Title: Numerical Importance
Pairing: Axel/Demyx
Rating: PG

kingdom100 #55: numbers



       Numbers played a large role in the lives of the members of

Organization XII. New members quickly learned to strike up friendships

(or at least become acquaintances) with those whose numbers surrounded

    Take Number Two and Number Three for example. They were two of

the original members and are practically inseparable these days. No

matter how much they fight, it seems as if the arguing and physical

fighting actually strengthened their relationship.

    Then there was the matter of numbers eight and nine. The red head

and the blonde were inseperable, no matter what time of day or what part

of the castle they were in. If one of them was in a room, the other

wasn't far behind. Eight and Nine were fans of secluded hallways and even

not so secluded dining rooms much to the chargrin of most of the other

    Numbers meant survival, and thise with allies survived longer

than those without.



Tags: axel/demyx, kh fanfiction, kingdom100
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