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Title: Peace and Quiet
Pairing: Marluxia/Roxas
Prompt: A simple request
Rating: PG-13
Written For: keep_try and 33randomfics #26: Peace

Roxas paced restlessly around the stark white hallways of the castle, looking for anything that might brighten up his so far dank and boring existence. When he heard the sound of boots echoing from the hall behind him, he quickly ducked into the nearest room, wanting to avoid the confrontation that had been coming at him from every angle since his ‘birth.’

“Do you want something?” Marluxia snapped without looking behind him; he was kneeling in a large bunch of flowers, pulling grass out and tossing it aside.

“Sorry, I was just looking for someplace quiet,” Roxas said softly, reaching for the doorknob to get the hell out of there before the pink scythe appeared to decapitate him.

Marluxia paused at the simple request for a quiet place and knew all too well what that was like. “Roxas. You may stay if you wish. Just take your boots off and coat off please, the flowers don’t like too much leather” he requested without turning around.

Roxas looked slightly shocked, wondering what the pink haired Nobody was up to. He unzipped his coat before tossing it onto the ground before kicking his boots off and after a glance at the grass, his socks soon followed. “This place is nice,” he commented, wiggling his toes into the soft grass as he walked over to where Marluxia was kneeling.

“I needed somewhere to be with my flowers so Namine drew me this. It’s peaceful here,” he said, smiling slightly when Roxas sat down in the flowers beside him.

“Peace is something I’ve noticed that’s pretty lacking around here. Everyone else just wants to fight all the time, or at least try to get in a blow as they pass you by,” Roxas mused, lying back and sighing at the feel of the cool grass on his bare back.

“Get used to the fighting, you know that Xemnas has planned for you. But, if you ever need a place to get away from it all, my garden is always open to you,” he said, placing a couple daisies on Roxas’ chest, laughing when Roxas blushed slightly.

“Thanks,” he said, his eyes closing as he basked in the quiet and warmth of the gardens.

Tags: 33randomfics, fanfiction, kh fanfiction, kingdom hearts, marluxia/roxas, rated pg-13
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