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Title: Suffering
Pairing: Seifer/Hayner
Prompt: Broken Bones
Rating: PG-13
Written For: devicing
Summary: Seifer and Hayner talk and things happen

Hayner sighed and ran a hand over his plaster covered left arm as he watched the struggle match that was going on. He had to sit out of the tournaments because of his broken arm and it was all Seifer’s fault. He glared across the struggle ring at Seifer before standing up. “I’ll be back,” he said to Roxas, giving his best friend a smile before walking toward the alleyway and away from the crowd.

“Running away?” a voice asked from behind him, allowing the curtain that blocked the entrance to the secret spot to fall.

“What do you want Seifer?” Hayner asked, rolling his eyes slightly; could he not get any peace today?

“When do you get this thing off?” he asked, placing a hand on the offending cast, ignoring the less than warm welcome he had received.

“Not until after the final struggle match. It’s all your fault,” he muttered, leaning against the wall and glaring at Seifer.

“God, it’s not my fault you’re a wimp and can’t take a hit from a struggle bat. I said I was sorry,” he said, walking closer, smirking slightly.

“Whatever,” he muttered, not noticing that Seifer was getting closer.

Seifer took advantage of Hayner’s distracted state, kissing him softly at first, then harder when Hayner responded to the kiss. “Still pissed at me?” he asked, kissing him again.

“I guess I can let one broken bone slide,” he said with a laugh, squeezing Seifer’s hand, thankful for this moment alone with him.

“We should probably get back before Roxas comes looking for you and discovers us,” he said, nipping Hayner’s earlobe.

Hayner nodded in agreement before kissing Seifer once more. “Catch you later,” he said, smiling at him before walking toward the struggle arena.

Tags: fanfiction, kh fanfiction, kingdom hearts, rated pg-13, seifer/hayner
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