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Title: Anytime
Pairing: Axel/Demyx
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #91::Pain

It was a typical day at the Castle That Never Was, the kitchen bustling with noise as twelve Nobodies fought over what was left of breakfast. “Stop hogging the bacon,” Axel complained, shoving Luxord out of the way, scooping up the last of the bacon as he did so.

“Thanks,” Demyx said in surprise when Axel dropped a couple pieces onto his plate.

“Can’t have you wasting away to nothing,” he said, ignoring the death glare that Luxord was shooting their direction.

Demyx rolled his eyes at Axel’s comment, shoving a piece of bacon into his mouth, catching Luxord’s eye and pretended to enjoy the bacon a little too much. “This is good bacon,” he said, breaking another piece in half. Demyx blinked and looked up when a card flew across the large table, sticking into a piece of toast. “Hey…” he protested, throwing the card back at Luxord, missing horribly.

Luxord opened his mouth to respond when a Sorcerer Nobody appeared at the end of the table. The members that were sitting at the table became quiet, each of them wondering who would be sent on a mission this time.

When the lesser Nobody handed Demyx a folded piece of parchment before disappearing, he squeaked softly. “Just great,” he muttered, skimming the contents.

“Well?” Axel asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

“Underworld. Xemnas wants something that a guy named Hades has called the Olympus Stone. Sounds easy enough,” he said with a shrug, standing up and leaving the room, followed quickly by Axel.

“You’re shaking.” Axel accused, pressing a kiss to Demyx’s forehead.

“I’m fine. Don’t wait up because after this mission, you aren’t getting laid tonight,” Demyx teased before opening a portal and stepping trough, pulling his hood up as he did so.

What seemed like weeks later, a portal appeared in a white hallway and a figure stepped out, walking a few feet before stumbling and catching themselves on the wall. Demyx eyed the door that was a few feet away, determined to make it, never noticing the smear of crimson on the wall. He lunged for the door handle, grinning though the pain that was shooting down his body as he walked into Axel’s room.

He opened the door, trying to be quiet as his eyes adjusted to the sudden darkness. He leaned against the door as he struggled to get his boots off one handed; admitting defeat as he sank to the floor. “Hey Axel, you awake?” he called out softly, looking around for something to throw at the red head.

When there was no response, Demyx sighed and stretched his arm out, smirking slightly when his hand brushed against an empty bottle of lube. He picked it up with his uninjured hand, chunking it at the tuft of red hair that was sticking out from beneath the blankets.

The projectile hit its target and seconds later, Demyx found a fiery chakram pointed at him. “What?” Axel snapped, not even bothering to open his eyes; this had better be good.

“A little assistance would be nice,” Demyx snapped back; he was in pain and he was cranky dammit.

“Demyx?” Axel asked sleepily, running his hand through his hair as he sat up and turned the bedside light on. “What are you doing over there?” he asked, his brain still fuzzy with sleep.

“It’s comfortable,” he grumbled, wincing visibly when he moved his injured arm.

“Shit,” Axel exclaimed, his brain finally taking in Demyx’s tattered coat and pained expression.

“Have any extra potions around here?” he asked as Axel walked toward him, wearing nothing but a pair of dark green boxers.

He pulled the injured Nobody up, helping him to the bed, eyes worried as Demyx fell against him. “Stay, strip. I’ll be back,” he said, pressing a kiss to the top of Demyx’s head before walking into the bathroom.

“I can’t get my boots off,” he complained, unzipping his coat and gasping in pain as he pulled it off.

“You’re whining,” Axel chided softly, handing Demyx the last two potions he had.

“Don’t care,” Demyx pouted as Axel pulled his boots off.

“What happened?” he asked, pressing gently on the ragged wounds on the blonde’s left shoulder and arm.

Demyx uncorked one of the potions, downing it in one gulp, shivering at the sudden coldness. “Which part?” he asked with a wry chuckle as Axel’s questioning fingers skirted over the bruises and gashes on his torso.

“All of them,” he insisted, unfastening Demyx’s pants, pulling them off carefully.

“Dog with three heads. I’m still not sure how I was supposed to watch all three heads at once,” he explained, glaring at Axel when he realized that he was naked.

“That explains the bite marks, but not the bruises,” Axel said, watching as Demyx’s body began to heal.

“Ah, those. Let’s just say I had an unscheduled meeting with a dog, a duck, and a Keyblade Wielder,” he said with a yawn.

“Sora was there? Probably on some selfless mission I suppose. Roxas would die if he knew that his somebody was such a bleeding heart,” Axel mused as Demyx drank the second potion.

“Yeah,” Demyx agreed softly, shifting positions and sliding under the blankets.

“You should be healed by morning, get some sleep,” Axel ordered, lying down next to him, turning off the light as he did so.

“Hey Axel, you still awake?” Demyx asked after a few minutes of silence.

“What’s wrong?” Axel asked, rolling over to face Demyx.

“I’m cold,” he said, snuggling closer, sighing contently as warmth began to spread through his body. “Thanks for taking care of me,” he said, pressing a soft kiss to Axel’s lips before closing his eyes.

“Anytime Demyx, anytime,” he said with a chuckle, his hand coming to rest on Demyx’s hip before falling asleep.

Tags: axel/demyx, fanfiction, kh fanfiction, kingdom hearts, kingdom100, rated pg-13
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