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Title: Release
Pairing: Marluxia/Luxord
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Marluxia makes a bet with Luxord and things don't turn out as planned.
Notes: written for iship_ot13 week three

Luxord was bored, no he was more than bored as he walked through the stark white hallways of the castle; there was absolutely no one around to entertain him today. He paused by the entrance of Vexen's lab, a look of concern crossing his face at the sounds of moaning. He placed his hand on the doorknob before he recognized the intensity and pitch of those moans; Vexen was getting laid. He smirked and crossed his arms over his chest, leaning against the wall as he waited for someone to exit; he had all day to wait and he was curious. Twenty or so minutes later, the door to Vexen's lab opened and a figure breezed out, almost bumping into the waiting Nobody.

“Marluxia. I should have known,” Luxord said with a chuckle, stopping the pink haired Nobody in his tracks.

“Luxord. What are you doing lurking in the lower hallways? Thought you'd be off making Demyx lose his clothes in yet another game of strip poker,” Marluxia commented, completely unphased by the fact that Luxord had heard Vexen and him having sex.

“Thought I'd let the kid keep his clothes for once, besides things are much more interesting down here. Is it your goal to fuck every member of the Organization?” he asked, catching up to Marluxia when he started to walk away.

Marluxia sighed, glaring at the Brit before speaking. “I happen to enjoy, well enjoying myself. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that,” he said, slightly annoyed by having to defend himself to Luxord of all people.

Luxord snorted slightly, grinning when an idea struck him. “Bet you can't go a week without any sort of release,” he said casually, sliding an arm around Marluxia's shoulders.

Marluxia paused and stared at him in disbelief. “What did you say?”

“You heard what I said. Unless you're too chicken,” Luxord teased, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

“How much munny?”


Marluxia winced slightly at the high amount before nodding; no one called him a chicken. “Fine.”

“Remember, no release, not even by your own hand,” Luxord warned, holding his hand out for a handshake.

Marluxia hesitated for a moment before shaking Luxord's hand; he was going to regret this, he could feel it already.


Marluxia closed his eyes tightly, trying desperately to ignore the fact that he was impossibly hard and the fact that Vexen was walking down the hall wearing nothing but a towel. “Why aren't you wearing clothing?” he growled when Vexen stopped beside him.

“I-I was taking a shower,” Vexen stammered, this most definitely wasn't Marluxia's usual reaction to seeing him half naked and damp from his shower.

Marluxia groaned at the image of Vexen in the shower and banged the back of his head against the wall, hoping the pain would distract him. It had been five days since he had made that damned bet with Luxord and he was ready to explode in more ways than one. “Just, just go, please,” he muttered, dismissing his sometimes lover with a wave of his hand as he tried to steady himself.

“I'm next,” Luxord declared, pushing Marluxia out of the way as he barged into the bathroom.

“There are enough showers for all of us, there's no need to shove you bastard,” he muttered, following Luxord into the locker room style bathroom.

Luxord laughed and walked across the bathroom to the stall the farthest away from where Marluxia was standing. He was not going to lose this bet, and he had a plan. He stepped under the warm water, immediately reaching for the bottle of body wash that was sitting on the shelf, pouring a liberal amount into his hand. He moaned softly, suppressing a laugh as he imagined the look on Marluxia's face. Luxord closed his eyes, wrapping his hand around his morning erection as he leaned his forehead against the wall; he knew that Marluxia could hear every moan he made thanks to the great acoustics in the bathroom. He moaned again, not even bothering to stifle his pleasure as he pumped his hand almost teasingly up and down his dick, trying to make the Marluxia torture last as long a possible.

Luxord gasped in surprise, his eyes flying open when he felt someone shove him against the wall, pinning him expertly. “You are a complete and utter Bastard,” Marluxia growled, tugging on the earring through Luxord's lobe hard enough to cause pain.

Luxord smirked and glanced over his shoulder at Marluxia. “Given up on our bet?” he asked at the feel of a very hard Marluxia pressing into his ass.

“Fuck the bet. I realized that I haven't had this sweet ass yet,” he teased, spreading Luxord's ass cheeks slightly, pressing the tip of his finger into the awaiting tight opening.

Luxord winced in pain at the sudden intrusion. “Gods, tell me you have lube,” he said, his head falling back against Marluxia's shoulder when the assassin ran his hands over Luxord's already sensitive nipples, tugging on the silver hoops.

“Someone should teach you to carry lube to the bathroom in the mornings. It's much better than soap,” Marluxia said with a sneer, glaring at the offending bottle.

“My apologies for offending your delicate sensibilities,” Luxord teased, eyes rolling back in his head as an slick but unannounced finger slipped inside him. “Fucken warn me next time,” he complained, his body quickly adjusting to the familiar burn as Marluxia added a second finger.

“It's more fun when it's unannounced,” he said with a chuckle, stretching Luxord expertly as he added a third finger.

“More fun for who?” Luxord grumbled, gasping when Marluxia's fingers brushed against that bundle of nerves inside him.

“Me, of course.”

Luxord whimpered slightly in protest when Marluxia's fingers left him only to be quickly replaced with something bigger pressing into his entrance. “Yessss,” he hissed softly, pressing himself back against Marluxia, enjoying the slight burning sensation as his muscles adjusted.

“So tight,” Marluxia moaned, the tightness was almost enough to drive him over the edge immediately; he wasn't going to last long the past week had been torture.

“Just move dammit. Fuck me,” Luxord gasped, resting his head against the cool tile wall as Marluxia pulled out of him, shifting positions before sliding home, brushing against the blonde's prostate with every thrust.

“Better?” Marluxia tugged on Luxord's nipple rings hard enough for him to groan loudly in a combination of pain and pleasure. Marluxia moaned, resting his head on Luxord's shoulder, fighting his release desperately. “Please tell me you're close, I'm not going to last,” he warned, nipping the base of Luxord's neck lightly.

“M'close,” Luxord agreed, his fingertips scraping over the slick wall for something to hold onto as Marluxia's thrusts became rougher and more erratic.

“Fuck...” Marluxia moaned loudly, his teeth sinking into the tender flesh of Luxord's shoulder as his release washed over him, moments before Luxord choked out a moan of his own, falling to his knees once Marluxia had pulled out of him.

“Bloody hell,” Luxord muttered softly as Marluxia sat down beside him, both of them trembling as endorphins ran through their bodies.

“I second that bloody hell,” Marluxia agreed, gasping slightly, not noticing the wicked smirk that had crossed Luxord's face.

“You do realize that you owe me 10,000 munny now, right?”

Marluxia sighed, rolling his eyes at the Gambler. “Yeah, but it was worth it.”

Tags: fanfiction, kh fanfiction, kingdom hearts, marluxia/luxord, rated nc-17
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