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The Challenge:
A Harry/Draco established relationship torn apart by Harry's torrid affair with Dudley and their fetish for spiked collars and liquorice whips.
Resolution: Draco finds someone to sooth his wounded soul and lick peanut butter off his toes-Dobby

This challenge was posed to me by omgcats after a complaint I made that I could no longer slash. This travesty is dedicated to her.

“No way!” Harry Potter exclaimed, staring at his boyfriend is disbelief.
“Come on Harry its not like I asked you to dress in a school girls outfit or anything,” Draco Malfoy said with a pout as he crossed his arms over his bare chest.
“There is absolutely no way in hell I’m licking anything off you feet. Or anyone’s feet for that matter, feet are disgusting,” Harry said, crawling onto the bed and brushing Draco’s lips with a kiss. “Anything but feet, you know that love.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Draco said with a small smile as Harry slid off the bed and put his shirt on. “You leaving me?”
“I need to get home. I’ll see you tomorrow alright?”
Draco stood up and walked towards Harry, wrapping his arms around Harry’s waist.
“Love you Dragon,” Harry said, nuzzling Draco’s neck.
“Love you too,” Draco said, letting Harry go and watching him walk out the door.
Draco sighed and reached for his clothes giving Harry a few minutes head start. He was positive that Harry was up to something so Draco was going to follow him in order to find out exactly what.


Harry curled up in the middle of his bed as he anxiously awaited the arrival of his expected quest.
“Did you bring them?” Harry asked eagerly, raising to his knees wearing nothing but a pair of red silk boxers.
“Of course. Now put it on,” a male voice said, dimming the lights as Harry pulled something out from under the pillow. Harry fastened the spiked collar around his neck as he felt his visitor climb onto the bed.
“Satisfied?” Harry asked after putting the other spiked collar around the mans neck.
“Of course,” Dudley Dursley said with a smirk, running his hand down Harry’s bare chest. Harry closed his eyes as Dudley kissed him, barely hiding his disgust. The things he would do for what was in the bag. They were both oblivious to the blonde watching from the doorway.
“Can I have the stuff now?” Harry asked softly as he lay back against the pillows.
“As soon as I suck you off,” Dudley said, with a grin as he pulled Harry’s boxers down. Draco sighed before turning away from the sight and sounds before him. He walked down the hall a few steps unable to believe that Harry was cheating on him with a muggle. He turned back for one last look just in time to see Dudley hand Harry a brown paper bag.
Harry opened the bag and pulled out his coveted liquorice whips with a smile. He ate them happily as Dudley left. So what if Harry had to put up with the ungraceful groping of a killer whale, the liquorice was worth it.


Draco rubbed his eyes tiredly as he sat down on the side of his bed, his feet plunged into a bowl of creamy peanut butter. He wiggled his toes gleefully as a small figure entered the room. A thought crossed Draco’s mind and he smiled evilly.
“Dobby, lick the peanut butter off my toes,” he demanded, extending his foot towards the house elf as he propped himself up on his elbows.
Dobby bowed his head and began to skilfully lick the sticky substance off Draco’s toes causing Draco to moan in pleasure. Draco had finally found what he wanted, someone to lick peanut butter off his toes.

Oh my gods I can’t believe I just wrote that. I feel so dirty after writing that brief bit of incest. Yes I know it’s very short and it sucks too but I’m just happy I finished it :D

Tags: draco/dobby, draco/harry, dudley/harry, fanfiction, harry potter, rated r
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