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Title: Take Care Of Roxas
Pairing: Demyx/Roxas (mentions of Axel/Roxas)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,133
Summary: > Demyx takes the words take care of Roxas a bit too literally
Author's Note: Written for 10_themes #9 Toys

Roxas moaned softly in his sleep, instinctively arching his body toward the warm hands that were tracing over his chest and inner thighs. His eyes fluttered open, smiling lazily at the person that was waking him up so beautifully only to freeze when blue eyes met another set of blue instead of the green he was expecting.
Demyx?! What the fuck are you doing?” he exclaimed, trying to scramble backwards only to find that his back was pressed against the wall.

Demyx grinned, his hands continuing to tease the flesh beneath them. “Axel told me to take care of you while he’s away and that’s exactly what I’m doing,” he explained with a shrug, reaching out an arm to turn on the bedside lamp.

Roxas grimaced at the sudden brightness, glaring at the older boy. “Somehow I don’t think this is what Axel had in mind,” he insisted, trying to talk his way out of the compromising situation he had suddenly found himself in.

“Ah, but that is where you’re wrong,” he shifted slightly, working to keep the younger boy distracted while he worked on his plan. “Who do you think told me that you sleep naked and that you’re an incredibly heavy sleeper until someone starts playing with your nipples.” The brunette ran a thumb over one of the blondes nipples, thoroughly amused by Roxas’ reaction to the whole situation.

“What the fuck is that?” Roxas gasped, staring at Demyx, his eyes wide at the sudden sensation of tight cold plastic on his cock.

“New toy, like it?” he asked, giving Roxas a smirk that Axel would have been proud of.

Roxas gaped at Demyx a few more moments before allowing his fingers to travel over the lime green cock ring that held him captive. “How do I get this thing off?” he muttered, embarrassed to find himself getting hard at the very thought of the toy.

“You don’t. Not yet,” Demyx pulled Roxas to his knees, and kissed the younger boy roughly; Roxas paused before finally giving into the kiss, their tongues battling for dominance.

“Demyx,” Roxas gasped softly, breaking the kiss and arching into the hand that was loosely fisting his quickly hardening cock.

“Change your mind about Axel not approving?” he teased, his hand shifting from Roxas’ cock to his ass, trailing a finger down the crack to tease at the tight opening.

The blonde cursed loudly at the teasing finger, closing his eyes to steady himself. “If Axel was here the bastard would be in the corner watching while he jerked off,” he managed to get out before making a sound of protest when Demyx’s fingers left him.

“I know you’re hiding lube around here somewhere and we’re going to need it if you ever want this off,” he tugged at the cock ring gently, nipping at Roxas’ collarbone hard enough to leave imprints of his teeth; a sure reminder for later.

“O-over in the n-night table drawer,” he managed to get out, his mind barely functioning as his body reacted to Demyx’s touches; Axel had been away on a mission for almost a month and he was entirely too sensitive to every little touch.

“Unflavored? How completely boring of you,” he teased, rummaging through the drawer and pulling out a nearly full bottle. He coated two fingers with the slick substance, watching as Roxas rose up to his knees in the middle of the large bed, the dark purple of his straining erection a stark contrast to the green of the cock ring.

“You planning on just staring at me all night or do you plan on doing something about this?” he asked, motioning toward his erection, careful not to touch himself otherwise he just might go completely insane. “After all, it is your fault,” he continued, egging Demyx on; he wanted, no needed release or he was going to kill something.

“I was enjoying the view,” he shrugged and crawled across the bed, pressing a kiss to back of Roxas’ neck before kissing and licking his way down the blonde’s spine. He slid one finger inside Roxas unannounced, chuckling slightly when Roxas gasped at the sudden entrance and the brush against his prostate. “I should leave you like this, hard and ready, completely unable to do anything about it,” he threatened as he added a second finger, carefully stretching muscles that hadn’t been used in a while.

“You do and I’ll castrate you myself,” Roxas retorted, spreading his legs wider to allow Demyx easier access. “Gods, there, please,” he whimpered as two fingers assaulted his prostate. “Gonna cum, can’t, you ass,” he muttered, falling forward and resting his weight on his elbows, eyes fluttering closed when Demyx’s fingers left him.

“Haven’t you ever heard that patience is a virtue?” Demyx teased as he coated his cock with lube before tossing the bottle to the side. He moaned loudly as he slid into the younger boy, almost cumming then and there at the tight heat that was suddenly surrounding him.

Roxas’ breath hitched as his fingers twisted into the sheets that were beneath him, knuckles going white as Demyx’s fingers brushed against his throbbing erection. “Yes,” he hissed when the tight pressure on his cock was suddenly gone and blood began to flow freely. “De-myx,” he moaned as the brunette found a rhythm that caused him to brush over his prostate with every thrust.

Demyx leaned forward, pressing his chest to Roxas’ back, listening to the others frantic heartbeat as he focused on pleasuring his lover. “Cum for me Roxy,” he whispered hoarsely into his ear, slipping in the nickname the blonde hated without realizing it.

Roxas opened his mouth to protest the nickname when his release washed over him without warning. He moaned Demyx’s name loudly, biting his lower lip so hard that he tasted blood. “Demyx,” he whimpered softly, wincing at the grip Demyx had on his hips as the brunette began to thrust harder and more erratically.

“Roxas,” he cried out as his release washed over him. He rested his head against the blonde’s back, sliding his arms around his waist and hugging him as they both gasped for breath.

Roxas made a small sound of protest when Demyx slid out of him and lay down on his back beside him, grinning at the blonde lazily. “See, wasn’t that better than your right hand?” he asked with a laugh, rolling over onto his side to face Roxas.

“Axel will be pissed that we didn’t tape it for him,” Roxas said with a laugh before stretching and yawning widely.

Demyx pondered this for a moment before smirking slightly. “We just invite him next time, only we make him wear this,” he declared, tossing the cock ring into the air and catching with an evil grin.

Tags: 10_themes, demyx/roxas, fanfiction, kh fanfiction, rated nc-17
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