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You guys can ignore this if you want. Just a little something loosely (and I do mean loosely)based of an RP that way_to_oblivion and I are doing. And she's probably the only one who will actually read it, but it's kind of a thank you present for all the awesome stuff she sent me ♥

Title: Second Chances Chapter One
Pairing: Riku/Demyx
Rating: PG-13 (at the moment, it's going to go up)
Word Count: 1,750
Summary: A sequel to this Demyx gets a second chance (summary is fail)

The steady feel of the warm summer rain on the head of the silver haired keyblader matched his mood perfectly and thankfully masked the tears that were streaming down his face yet again. Riku knew he should be happy; he and Sora and Kairi were back home on the Islands and things were beginning to get back to normal. For everyone but Riku that is. His dreams were haunted by a certain blonde water wielding Nobody. Night after night he watched his lover die and each time it felt as if his heart was being ripped out. He knew it was horrible of him, but part of him could barely look at Sora without feeling a rush of anger. Sora didn't understand why his best friend was suddenly pulling away from him, preferring to be on his own sitting on the beach or hiding in his room, pretending to be asleep or sick whenever he came to visit. Riku knew this and despite Sora's attempts to get it out of him, he remained quiet on the subject because he knew Sora would never understand.

The teen lowered himself to the beach, picking up a handful of sand and throwing it at the ocean before lying back on the wet sand, not caring if his black shorts and tank top got dirty. Black seemed to be all he wore these days, including the ever present strip of black fabric that was tied around his right wrist. It was all he had left of the person he had somehow fallen in love with and he refused to part with it. "Why? Why?" he asked the stormy sky, closing his eyes with a sigh, his mind drifting back to the last time he had seen his lover... he had never had the opportunity to tell him how he felt, how much he loved and needed him. He shook himself slightly, trying to snap out of the dark pit he was falling into. Sora and Kairi were happy, and as much as he hated it... he knew he had to attempt to be the same.

Riku was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of a loud splash coming from father down the beach. "Just lovely, company," he muttered to himself, wiping his tears away before looking toward the sound of the noise, figuring it was Sora coming to try to drag him out of the rain yet again. "Or maybe I'm just hearing things," he said with a slight laugh, sitting up and taking a look around at the empty stretch of beach. "You're completely losing it Riku, pull yourself together," he scolded himself, rising to his feet and brushing the sand off of his shorts, glancing down the beach once again.

"What the hell?" He stared at the waves, watching as a limp form washed up onto the beach. "Hey! Are you okay?" he called out as he ran towards the lifeless form, his heart catching in his throat as he recognized the naked body that was sprawled on the sand. "Demyx," he gasped softly, falling to his knees, almost unable to believe his eyes as he ran a gentle hand over the familiar skin, two fingers desperately feeling for a pulse. "Come on, please," he whispered softly, almost collapsing in relief at the faint but steady pulse.

"I'll worry about how you're here later, but for now, let's get you home," he reassured the unconscious form, picking up the older nobody almost effortlessly as he carried him towards his house, glad he only lived a short walk from where he had found Demyx, mentally thanking whatever deity that just happened to be listening that his parents were off on some sort of romantic get-a-way and he had the house to himself for a couple weeks.

"You're heavy," Riku accused with a laugh as he carried Demyx up the stairs, being careful not to bump the blonde head on the doorframe as he walked into his bedroom. "Here we go, you just get some rest...I'm not going anywhere," he promised softly as he lay Demyx down on the bed, covering him with the dark blue blankets.

Riku paced around his bedroom restlessly, keeping a careful eye on the steady rise and fall of Demyx's chest. "I must be dreaming. Or I've gone completely insane; yeah, that's it. I've completely gone off the deep end." He sighed as he walked over to the bed, kissing Demyx's forehead, "You aren't really here. You died. Sora killed you and told me every single detail about it when we got back. You're a figment of my imagination," he declared, running his fingers through his hair as he switched on the bedside light and changed into a pair of pajama pants, sitting down on the other side of the large bed, his eyes never leaving the unconscious form.

After hours of watching Demyx, making sure to keep a hand on him at all times to reassure himself that he was actually there, Riku managed to fall into a fitful sleep only to be awaked by the sound and feel of Demyx sitting up with a loud gasp. Riku jerked awake, fumbling for the light as he placed a gentle hand on Demyx's knee. "Hey, easy, you're okay," he reassured him, allowing the other to orient himself to his surroundings.

"R-Riku?" Demyx asked softly, his breathing frantic as he tried to figure out where the hell he was.

"Yeah, yeah it's me. You're okay, just breathe" he said, rubbing Demyx's back soothingly, trying to calm the other down. "I've got you," he promised, giving him a soft smile, a sight no one had seen since they had returned home.

"How? Sora...the darkness. I died," Demyx looked over at Riku, an utterly lost look on his face. "Why am I here?"

Riku shrugged slightly. "I don't know, but I'm not complaining," he said with a slight laugh as Demyx's hand found one of his, squeezing it tightly. "How you feeling?"

"It hurts," he said softly, clinging to Riku's hand for dear life, almost as if afraid to let go.

"What hurts Demyx?" He asked, placing a hand on the others chin and turning his head, forcing him to look his direction. "What hurts?"

"Everything. I feel like, well, I feel like someone beat the shit out of me with a keyblade," he said with a soft laugh as he leaned back against the pillows.

"You look like it too." Riku motioned toward the many keyblade shaped cuts and bruises that littered the blonde's body. "You're going to be sore for a while, but other than that you're okay."

Demyx smiled at Riku, thankful that he was actually alive. "You once told me I had a one track mind, and it's back on its usual track." He laughed and slid his arms around Riku's neck, ignoring his aching and complaining muscles as he pulled him down for a soft kiss. The Islander tried his best to keep the kiss innocent, but his body had other ideas as his tongue crashed against the blonde's his hands moving over flesh he hadn't touched in months. The sound of the soft moan from Demyx's lips only managed to urge him on, grabbing the blankets and pulling them away from Demyx's body, his hands moving lower as he pressed the blonde against the mattress. He froze when Demyx broke the kiss and let out a strangled cry of pain.

"You okay?" Riku asked, sitting back on his knees between Demyx's legs, looking down at him as he pressed a kiss to his stomach.

Demyx nodded slightly. "I'm fine," he insisted, putting a hand to the worst bruise on his side, wincing at the slight touch.

"You're a horrible liar." He rolled his eyes, gently running his hand over the bruise, applying a bit of pressure, keeping his eyes on Demyx's face to gauge his reaction.

"Don't," he insisted, trying to pull away from the touch, batting Riku's hand away. "Where are you going?" he asked, sitting up with a wince when Riku pulled away from him and walked out of the room. "Riku?" he called out after a few moments, struggling to get to his feet.

"Get your ass back on the bed. I was coming back," Riku said from the doorway, pointing to the bed just as Demyx had got to his feet. "Ah, you listen better than you used to. That's good to know," he said with a slight chuckle when Demyx did exactly as he was told. "Here, take this. It should help with the pain, and it'll help you sleep."

"What is it?" he asked as he took the two small pills and bottle of water that was handed to him, turning the pills over in his hand as he examined him,

"Potions aren't exactly sold around here. It's Tylenol, it'll help with the pain, but it'll take a while. It isn't quite as fast working as the potions you're used to. I promise I'm not trying to poison you yet," he said as he sat down on the bed beside of him, putting a hand on Demyx's thigh.

"Not yet? That's comforting," Demyx said with a laugh as he downed the pills and the water. "So...where exactly are we? I mean I fought with Sora a couple days ago and now we're here."

Riku sighed softly, squeezing Demyx's hand. "You fought with Sora almost six months ago. For six months I thought you were dead, that you weren't coming back. This," he motioned toward the room around them, "is my room. You're on Destiny Islands. The Organization was defeated, Sora found Kairi and me. And we actually made it home this time, all of us," he explained, rubbing the blonde's leg as he spoke.

Demyx looked confused for a few minutes, looking down at himself before looking over at Riku. "Six months? But I still have the bruises, I remember fading back into the darkness two days ago," he said softly as he tried to wrack his brain to remember anything else that had happened.

"Maybe time moved differently where you were. But all that matters is that you're here, with me. And I do believe that you need to get some sleep, coming back from the dead can't be easy on a person," he laughed as he pulled the blankets over them, smiling at the feel of Demyx snuggling up to him before turning off the light.

Fic fail ftw >__
Tags: fanfiction, kingdom hearts, rated pg-13, riku/demyx
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