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Title: Fran's Revenge
Pairing: Balthier/Fran
Rating: Rish for past sexual experiences and Fran being, well, Fran!
Word Count: 360
Summary: Fran gets revenge on a certain partner of hers.
Notes: Written for Keely to entertain her at work. OOC? Oh yeah, probably. My first fic involving these two and I just might have to write a sequel if the mood strikes!

A soft noise left the lips of the pirate, eyes carefully watching the form of his partner as she circled around him like some soft of predator. Balthier shifted uneasily at the look in Fran's eyes, tugging futilely on the chains that bound him to the bed in his cabin on The Strahl. "Fran...?" he asked cautiously as he turned his head back in forth, his eyes never leaving the Viera.

When he received no answer, he sighed softly. Oh yes. He was in deep trouble. A soft smirk crossed his face as his thoughts drifted back to the exact reason he was in trouble. The sight of Fran bound to the very bed he was currently attached to never failed to send a rush of desire through his body. True, he knew that the Viera hated to be tied up, but she looked so vulnerable and damn sexy like that. It was worth it. So, so worth it.

The smirk on his face got even wider when his partner turned lover closed the distance between them, her nails raking across his bare chest as she flicked her tongue over his lips. "Mhm, something on your mind, my dear?" he asked softly, a sound of protest slipping out when she pulled away from the kiss.

Her only reply was to return the smirk, sliding her hands down to his stomach before pressing against him, finally allowing the kiss he so desperately wanted. Balthier moaned softly at the feel of her tongue brushing against his, never noticed the small piece of herb that she slipped into his mouth until she had pulled away and he noticed the odd taste in his mouth.

"Fran...?" he asked cautiously, wondering what exactly she slipped him. Whatever it was, the look on her face was telling him that it was nothing good.

"Enjoy~" she breathed softly into his ear before turning and walking out of the room, leaving her partner bound to the bed as the effects of the aphrodisiac raced through his system. As she reached the end of the hall, two words reached her sensitive ears, a grin crossing her face.

"Bunny bitch."

Title: Homecoming
Rating: PG!
Pairings: Pre Riku/Sora if you want to call it that!
Word Count: 364
Summary: A talk between friends after returning home
Notes: Another one for Keely! It's like I can't write anything but drabbles lately! :3

They were home. After two long, long years, there was sand beneath their feet. Real sand, and that was actually the ocean lapping at their bare feet. The initial celebrations were over. Their parents had finally stopped demanding explanations inbetween smothering them in hugs and had finally sent them off to bed, happy to have their sons home. Once the houses were quiet, without even speaking to one another, they had both found their way to the little island, the one where they had spent so much time together as children, the one that now seemed so small compared to back then.

They stood side by side in silence until the shorter one finally broke the silence, his voice soft. "Is it really over...?"

The silver-haired teen held a hand out before him, silently calling his weapon to him, shaking his head slightly. "It's over for now. But I don't think it's over forever, our weapons still come to us, I think we might need them again someday."

They watched together as the keyblade disappeared from the older one's hand, a soft sigh leaving Sora's lips. He had been afraid that Riku was going to say something like that. There was another silence that wrapped around the two of them, their hands brushing together for mere seconds before their fingers laced together, both content to just stand there without the worry of anything attacking them from behind.

Again, it was Sora that broke the comfortable silence, not that it surprised either of them. The young brunette was never one to let silence go unbroken. "Now what do we do?"

A rare smile ghosted across Riku's face as he turned his head to look over at his best friend. "We get our lives back and hope everyday that we don't get called on again."

Such a simple answer for a question that was asking so many things. Typical Riku response. But, for once, Sora understood exactly what he meant, a smile crossing his face as he squeezes Riku's hand. The silence grew again, but this time it stood unbroken as the two teenagers thought over the many new beginnings that would soon be upon them.
Tags: balthier/fran, drabbles, fanfiction, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, rated pg, rated r, riku/sora
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