Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

Title: Christmas Morning
Pairing: Balthier/Fran
Rating: PG
Word Count: 521
Warnings: Character death (and in my little world, it snows in Rabanastre dangit! XD)
Summary: Balthier and Fran enjoy a Christmas morning together
Author's notes: This was a plot bunny that just kept poking at me. Whee I fail at not rambling! XD

Fran awoke to the sight of a white blanket of snow covering the bedroom window; a slight smile crossing her face as she gently nudged her partner to rouse him, her voice soft. "Balthier... it's snowing." When she received no reply, her attention shifted from the white of the snow outside to the silvery white of her partners hair, her fingers lightly running through his hair as he took a ragged breath against her shoulder. She pressed a soft kiss to his lips, her eyes moving over his wrinkled face, finding that he was looking back at her. "Morning..." she whispered softly as his lips brushed against the underside of her jaw.

The pirate smiled slightly as he slid his arms around his long time partner, every inch of her the same as the day he met her, she was just as beautiful and he had aged so so much. His hand rested on the swell of her breast, knowing that his body should be wanting the naked expanse of skin that was pressed against him, but, for the life of him, he was unable to remember the last time the two of them had been intimate. Yet, she stayed with him. Through many things, though she wouldn't be saddled to him much longer. He had been fighting for so long, wanting to spend as much time as possible with her before...

Balthier was pulled from his thoughts by the feel of familiar fingers running across his chest to get his attention, giving Fran a weak smile. "You mentioned snow...?"

"Perfect for Christmas... Vaan and the children will be pleased," she was unable to stop a soft laugh from filling the room as her thoughts drifted to their longtime companion and his equally adventurous children.

"Christmas...?" It was truly Christmas already? No, it couldn't be, it just his birthday, how could time have gone by that fast? "I-I don't..." he was cut off mid sentence by the feel of Frans lips on his, effectively silencing him.

"I need nothing..." She smiled as she played with the colorful rings he still wore, the sound of his shallow breathing barely audible to her ears as his head fell forward against her shoulder. The Viera closed her eyes for a few moments, her hand resting on his back, his heartbeat weak but there beneath her palm.

When her partner finally spoke, his voice was barely above a whisper, his fingers grazing across her cheek. "Fran… I…"

She nodded slightly, resting their heads together as she pulled him close. "I know… Sleep, love…" Fran ran her fingers through his hair as he rested his cheek against her breast as if they were young again, his fingers lacing with hers as he closed his eyes.

The Viera held Balthier close, a soft sigh leaving her lips when his hand went limp around hers, knowing that his fight was finally over. She pressed soft kisses over his face before resting her head in the crook of his neck, her own body relaxing as she curled against him and closed her eyes.

They would be together again soon.

kjghdgkjdhfjgk that ending. I keep wanting to add to it, but nothing sounds right so I just left it and rowar and arg!
Tags: balthier/fran, fanfiction, final fantasy, rated pg
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