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Title: The Next Life Chapter One
Rating: PG at the moment. NC-17 in later chapters
Pairing: Demyx/Riku among others
Word Count: 600
Summary: A series of snippets in the lives of a pair of newlyweds. Things are perfect until a past neither remembers comes back to haunt them.
Author's Notes: This was written when I was extremely tired so it's not my best work. It was also written to try to cheer up Keely the other day~. It was supposed to be a one shot, but my brain had other ideas… DAMN BRAIN!

It was a rainy summer night and in a modest house on a small island two teens lay entangled together near the center of the large bed. Soft whispers and kisses filled the room as the lovers basked in the afterglow of their love-making, neither of them noticing the soft tap tap tap of the rain on the window until a great flash of lightening and rumble of thunder filled the room along with a loud gasp from the younger of the two. Riku dove beneath the blankets, hiding his face in his partners chest as the rain began to get harder and louder, soon overpowering the steady beat of the others heart.

"Demyx..." the silver-haired islander was trying desperately not to whine or sound as scared as he felt as he huddled next to the solid body that was next to him. Riku wasn't afraid of many things, but for as long as he could remember, storms had been his downfall. One of his earliest memories was crawling into his parents bed in the middle of the night to hide from a storm. His parents had humored him then, but the older he got, the more his parents protested so he quickly learned to hide under the blankets until the sounds went away.

"You're thinking again," a soft voice whispered into his ear as warm blankets wrapped around him, pulling him close. "It's a dangerous thing during storm season and after midnight..." Demyx smiled as he brushed his partners lips with a soft kiss, not even batting an eye when the small light on the bedside table flickered a few times before going out completely. "And there goes the power..."

Fingers laced with Demyx's, a soft smile appearing on Riku's face at the feel of the cool metal around the older one's finger, the smile getting bigger when his matching one brushed against it as he played with his partners hand. "I still can't believe we actually did it..."

Demyx laughed as he rested their heads together, lowering his lips for a sweet kiss. "By it do you mean running off and getting married two days after your eighteenth birthday?"

"My parents can't keep us apart anymore. I'm legal in the eyes of the law and now I'm completely yours... from my heart down to my ass... which you've been claiming over and over tonight~!" There was a relaxed feeling in Riku's body that he had never felt during this kind of storm before. Not even during the nights that he had spent sandwiched between his parents when he was a child. Demyx was different. And Riku felt safer in his arms than he ever had before.

A soft nip on the tip of his nose pulled the younger back to reality as he sleepily leaned his head against Demyx's chest. "I know, I know, I was thinking again..."

"And you know that's not allowed~!" Demyx teased as he snuggled closer, his eyes drooping as he struggled to stay awake, the events of the day finally catching up to him. But he didn't want to sleep, not until Riku was comfortable enough to sleep himself. "You tired...?"

"Exhausted." Came the honestly reply as Riku closed his eyes, the steady beating of Demyx's heart slowly lulling him to sleep despite the storm that was raging a few feet away.

The blonde smiled as he pressed a soft kiss to the top of Riku's head, his own eyes falling shut as he relaxed against his husband.

This was going to be the start of something amazing. He could just feel it.

Tags: demyx/riku, fanfiction, kingdom hearts, rated pg
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