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Title: The Coat of Mystery
Author: iwantasoda
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Pairing: Demyx/Riku
Theme Set 02-Nature
Theme #: 06-coat
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU. Is that a warning? XD
Disclaimer: Squeenix owns all.
Summary: The gossips on the Islands have a favorite subject. A mysterious black trenchcoat that's worn my an equally mysterious blonde.

To say that the weather on the Destiny Islands was hot, was the understatement of the century. Most of the residents of the small world lived in light-weight clothing, yet there was one resident that insisted on wearing an ankle-length, leather trenchcoat no matter how hot it seemed to get. There were whispers that followed him wherever he went, rumors seemed to fly where the blonde was involved. Did you hear? The poor thing wears that awful coat because he's allergic to the sun! Well, I heard that the coat hides the fact that he's covered with scars from an accident!

The gossip mongers seemed to follow the teen wherever he went, but no one could seem to find the source of his ever-present coat. There was nothing like it anywhere on the Islands and the speculation continued to fly whenever he was spotted in town. There was only one person besides the blonde himself that knew of the reasoning behind the coat, and that person was currently curled on the couch in the small apartment that they both shared, waiting for the blonde to make it home.

Demyx smiled softly as he quietly closed the door behind him, kicking off his faithful flip flops at the door before making his way toward the couch, curling up beside his half-asleep partner, nuzzling his neck lightly.
"You awake?"

Riku's eyes fluttered open as he snuggled closer to Demyx, his voice thick with sleep. "Am now..." he complained softly, stifling a yawn before wrinkling his nose at the feel of the warm leather against his cheek. "Off," he insisted softly, reaching for the zipper and pulling it down with one flowing motion.

"Aww, why the coat hate?" the blonde teased with a playful grin as he slid out of the coat, tossing it across
the room before returning to his place on the couch beside his boyfriend.

The silver-haired teen smiled as he snuggled into Demyx's lap, wrapping his arms around his neck. "You know what they say about that damned coat, right?"

"Which rumor this time...? The one about the scars seems to be pretty popular lately!" A soft laugh filled the
room as he thought about the rumors and whispers that seemed to follow him wherever he went. "You know, if they didn't make such a big deal about it, maybe I wouldn't wear the coat so much..." he mused with an amused expression on his face as he looked down at Riku.

"You're evil for torturing them like that." He smiled and kissed him softly. "But I guess the nosy old ladies need something to keep them entertained and off the subject of us," he agreed, kissing him again.

"Mhm, coat discussion, good! Discussion about us, none of their business." He declared with a grin as nodded his head toward the bedroom. "Shall we?"

The younger one nodded slightly, his arms tightening around his partners neck as he allowed himself to be carried into the bedroom.

Claimed earlier today and since absolutely no one is online to entertain me, I write fic of fail! 8D
Tags: 10_snuggles, demyx/riku, fanfiction, kingdom hearts, rated pg
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