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Title: Accidental Sex
Pairing: Evan/Johnny
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1241
Disclaimer: This is a work of complete and utter fiction! And unfortunately, it will never happen, but we can hope, yus?
Summary: A chance meeting in a locker room changes the lives of two world famous figure skaters... or maybe it just leads to hot sex
Author's notes: AU. Pretend they're both competing in Worlds! I sat down to write a Johnny/Stephane fic, but the little Evan in my head insisted that Johnny was his and so, this happened. And now I'm going to run away cause I've never written RPS where anyone else was going to read it before and I'm beyond rusty... DX and I've never written Johnny or Evan and I should just stop rambling now before the authors notes are longer than the story itself! Please be gentle? Written for the kink meme promt: Evan/Anyone “Lick the lightening bolt”

x-posted to ice_slash and wintergameskink

The first time they had sex was an accident. It was messy and rushed and not the greatest sex in the world, but it was still amazing and years in the making. They were supposed to be sniping at one another in the media, not fucking in locker rooms, but Johnny Weir had never been one to do what was expected of him.

It started off as any other chance meeting did: a slight nod of acknowledgment from across the room before they went their separate directions, Johnny to the rink and Evan to an off-ice session with his choreographer. What made this time so different is that their schedules coincided just enough to put Johnny in the locker room just in time to catch an eyeful of a very naked Evan. It wasn't the first time he had seen the other skater in the midst of changing, but something was different this time. This time, Johnny couldn't keep his eyes off of him. That damn lightening bolt tattoo had caught his eyes and it refused to let him go. All he wanted to do was run his fucking tongue over it; he needed to know if Evan tasted as good as he looked.

What seemed like hours later, curiosity got the best of him and his gaze drifted a few inches to the side, his breath catching in his throat when he realized that Evan was completely hard. Oh yeah, he was fucked. Johnny could feel his usual controlled grip on his hormones and sex drive starting to slip and god, when he finally lifted his eyes to Evan's face and found him smiling... That's when he completely lost it.

Moments later, he found himself launching himself at the taller skater, their lips connecting in a sloppy kiss. Johnny braced himself for the eventual backlash that would come from letting his hormones get the best of him but... Wait, was Evan kissing him back?! He must have hit his head on the ice, because things like this just didn't happen to him! At least not while he was awake. That was it! He was asleep and dreaming that Evan fucking Lysacek was kissing him at right this moment.

O-oh... that was the bank of lockers he found himself pressed up against; and just where the hell did his pants go?! The thoughts few out of his head at the feel of Evan's cock pressed against his own and, fuck, did it feel amazing.

Their eyes finally met for a brief moment and the pure look of desire in Evan's eyes was almost enough to send Johnny over the edge then and there. They kissed again, one of Johnny's legs hooking over Evan's delicious hip, pressing his back against the locker as he spread his legs, his body begging for more than those gentle touches.

“God... Evan, need...” he was babbling. He knew that and at right this very moment, he didn't care. He was pressed against the lockers by a man that had been haunting his dreams for years.

The feel of a finger pressing against his opening caused him to tense slightly despite the fact that he knew it was coming, but the sound of Evan's voice in his ear caused his body to relax almost instantly, a soft laugh leaving his lips at the apologetic tone. "Sorry... wasn't exactly planning this and lube isn't something I carry around."

"Not a real boy scout then, are you?" The tease fell from his lips at the feel of another finger sliding into him, both digits pressing mercilessly against his prostate as Evan licked and sucked on his collar bone just hard enough to leave a light red mark. "Give me a hickey and I'll kill you with my skates..."

It was Evan that burst into laughter this time, purposefully biting harder, loving the fact that Johnny was almost squirming in pleasure at the feel of the slight pain. "Something you want...?" he asked with a grin

A frustrated groan left Johnny's lips as he pulled Evan's hands away, wiggling away from him and hitting his knees, finding himself face to face with the younger skaters crotch, a slight smirk crossing his face. Ah, there it was~ the very thing that had caught his eye in the first place. If Evan was going to be a tease, Johnny could return the favor. The moment his tongue connected with that damned tattoo it was as if he felt a shock run through his entire body and from the reaction of the person the tattoo belonged too, he wasn't the only one.

"Johnny..." Evan groaned softly, his eyes drifting over to the locker room door; there wasn't much time left before the other practices would be over and so would his time with Johnny. "Come here... we don't have much time..."

Johnny protested slightly when he was pulled away from that delicious tattoo, but the rational part of him knew that Evan was right, as usual. But this time, he was picking the damn position, the locker and his back were not friends when a lock was shoved into his spine. He braced himself against the locker with his hands, looking over his shoulder at Evan as he wiggled his ass teasingly. "You still with me?"

The sight before Evan was one that completely took his breath away, the sight of Johnny spread and ready for him was the most beautiful thing he'd seen. "Patience~" he teased with a soft laugh, his hands moving down to grip at Johnny's hips, getting a firm grip as he slowly slid himself into his lover.

"Nggh, fuck!" The familiar burn was something Johnny hadn't felt in too damn long, his body adjusting quickly, using actions instead of words to urge Evan on. He shifted back against Evan, his muscles clenching around him. "Evan..."

"God..." Words couldn't describe how tight Johnny felt around him, and the feel of Johnny's muscles clenching around him cause him to lose what little self control he had, forgoing gentle and shifting straight into rough, quick thrusts, his hand wrapping around the other skaters cock.

The locker room was soon filled with soft moans and whimpers of pleasure as the two skaters moved together, both knowing that they wouldn't last long. Johnny was the first to scream out that he was close, Evan's name on his lips as his orgasm ripped through his body, the pleasure completely overloading his senses as he collapsed against the locker, panting harshly. "Holy fuck..."

The feel of Johnny's orgasm was all it took to send Evan spiraling over the edge of white-hot pleasure, pressing himself as deeply into Johnny as possible, his fingers gripping desperately at his hips. "God, Johnny..."

The two finally pulled apart as their breathing returned to normal, Johnny using the locker to support himself as he turned around, a smug and satisfied look on his face as he caught Evan's eye. His mouth had just opened for a witty retort to what had just happened when the unmistakable sound of footsteps were heard coming down the hallway.

A quick kiss was stolen, the words "good luck" softly whispered against the taller mans lips before Johnny sprinted into the showers, leaving Evan to deal with the aftermath and mess they had just made. He was going to need the luck: both in the locker room and the next night on the ice.

Tags: evan/johnny, fanfiction, rated nc-17, rps
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