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Title: In Too Deep Chapter One
Pairing: Roger/Mark, pre-slash
Rating: PG at the moment, could change
Word Count: 186 (yeah… the first chapter is really short, it’s more of a teaser really)
Summary: When you live with someone as long as Roger and Mark have, things begin to change. (yeah… I suck at summaries)

Author’s note and disclaimer:
Whew. Here we go again with crappy fanfiction version… whatever this is. This is my first Renfic, so please be nice. And if you read it, then try to find it and it’s gone, it’s because I lost my nerve and took it down.
I own no one; all the characters belong to the late, great, Jonathan Larson. I only borrow Mark because he’s my bitch and I only share him with one person, and that’s Roger.

When does this take place? I’m not entirely sure myself, so I’m going to be vague here. I’m gonna say it takes place sometime before Roger goes gaga over Mimi and after Maureen dumped Mark.

It was a stereotypical dark and stormy night and in a small loft in Alphabet City two young men were sleeping soundly. Roger Davis and Mark Cohen were snuggled together in Roger’s bed, desperate for the body heat in the chill of the night. Mark moaned in his sleep and instinctively curled closer to Roger, his arm sliding around Roger’s waist as Rogers eyes fluttered open. He looked around in confusion knowing that when he went to sleep he was alone. It only took a few minutes for his sleep filled mind to recognize the messy blonde hair that was sticking out from under the worn blanket.
Roger chuckled softly realizing that Mark must have been freezing in order for him to swallow his pride and spend the night in Rogers’s bed. He brushed Marks hair off of his forehead, smiling slightly when Marks arm tightened possessively around him. If anyone could see them like this they’d assume the worst, he knew he should make Mark go back to his own bed, but Roger didn’t care, he just wanted to sleep in his best friends arms.

Tags: fanfiction, mark/roger, rated pg, rent
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