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Title: In Too Deep Chapter Three

Pairing: Roger/Mark, pre-slash

Rating: Uh.. let's say R cause I have a potty mouth

Word Count: 842 (I know I'm the queen of short chapters)


     Mark wandered aimlessly around the streets of New York City filming what seemed to him as useless drivel that would soon pay a visit to the cutting room floor. He filmed on, barely realizing that he was following a dog around the streets and barely missed getting up close and personal with a taxicab, deep in thought, his mind focused on the events of the day before. He was unable to believe that Roger had kissed him, sure it was on the forehead but it was still a kiss dammit. Had he dreamed that part? Or was he simply taking a gesture of friendship a little to far? He was definitely over analysing this. He needed to go home and possibly talk this over with Roger.
     When Mark arrived back at the loft, he was met by the sight of Roger sitting on the couch with that damned guitar, still in his pyjamas.
     "I thought you were going to get off your ass and go to a life support meeting with Collins instead of moping around," Mark complained, slamming the door shut behind him.
     Roger shrugged. "Didn't feel like it," he said, gearing up for the impending familiar argument.
     "You didn't feel like it yesterday or the day before that. Dammit Roger you haven't left the loft in months. You need to get on with your fucking life," Mark preached as he paced around the room.
     "You don't understand Mark," Roger said, crossing his arms over his chest.
     "Damn right I don't. Yes I know you've been through hell but you aren't going to get over it by just sitting on your ass all day. Come on Roger, it's been six months you need to get out and do something, meet new people, go back to your band, anything," Mark tried desperately, trying to get through to Roger.
     "Tell you what, you go join the band, I'll stay here and do whatever the hell I want. It's my life and my decision Mark so just stay the fuck out of it," Roger yelled, frustrated that Mark refused to see things from his point of view.
     "You're killing yourself. Dammit you can't sit here day after day not showering, barely eating or sleeping. April's dead Roger and you doing this to yourself isn't going to bring her back," Mark ranted on, realizing that he had crossed a line by bringing up April.
     "Did you forget? I am dying Mark. Not as quickly as I'd like, but it's happening. And I can die however I damn well please," Roger said, his voice going soft and his face flushing blood red with anger.
     "You know what, have it your way Roger. Stay in this hell hole for the rest of your life, see if I care," Mark said, throwing his arms up in surrender and walking out the door needing to get away from Roger before he smacked some sense into him.
     Mark stepped out into the crisp October air and promptly ran right smack into one Tom Collins.
     "Where's the fire?" Collins asked, stopping the younger man in his tracks.
     "Roger's upstairs being his usual asshole self. God, he just gets on my last nerve sometimes," Mark said, happy to see Collins.
     "Is that a hint for me to talk to him?" he asked with a smile, laughing when a look of relief flashed across Mark's face.
     "Would you?" Mark asked hopefully knowing that if anyone could talk some sense into Roger it would be Collins.
     "Of course. You just need to stay away from about an hour, that okay?"
     "Anything," Mark said, passing Collins they key before walking away.

     "I hear you're being an asshole," Collins called out as he bounded into the loft knowing that Roger would be in a pissy mood.
     "You heard wrong. Mark is the one being the asshole," Roger muttered, not even looking up from his guitar.
     "No offence, but I'm on Marks side, you have been an asshole lately and you need to snap out of it Roger, Collins said, flopping down beside him on the couch.
     "I know. But it's like I just don't care anymore. Hell, I only take the AZT because Mark is constantly at me about it. I don't think he realizes that if he ever decides to pack up and go back to Scarsdale…" Roger broke off, not wanting to finish his sentence.
     "Have you tried telling him that? Damn Roger you've been treating him like shit lately and I think he's this close to doing just that," Collins said, sitting back and watching the expression on Roger's face change as he realized how close he was to losing Mark.
     "God Collins I can't lose him. Not now and definitely not over this. What do I do to fix this?" he asked, turning to look at the older and wiser man sitting beside him.
     "That I can't tell you. You need to figure it out by yourself," Collins said, hoping he had planted a seed that would change both Roger and Mark.

Tags: fanfiction, mark/roger, rated r, rent
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