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Title: In Too Deep Chapter Four

Pairing: Roger/Mark

Rating: R

Word Count: 1508

Warnings: There be some boy on boy action behind the cut, so if you’re at work or something, I wouldn’t click it. :D

Author's Note: Do you know how hard it is to write smut when you're at work? It's like: write, write, write, hide paper, ring up customer, write, write, write, hide paper from manager, write, write, write... it's interesting at the least. I think I'll try it when I go to work tonight too. It certainly makes time go by faster.
I haven't written smut in forever, I'm rusty I know that so I take suggestions. I'm used to underage wizard smut, so this is new territory for me lol

When Mark re-entered the loft a few hours later, he was surprised not to find Roger in his usual position on the couch. He shrugged and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open behind him as he reached for his toothbrush, planning to going to bed and avoiding Roger for the next few days. Mark was deep in thought, trying to plan his next screenplay, when the bathroom door slammed shut. He jumped, stifling a yelp of surprise as he noticed the person that had joined him in the mirror.

“God Roger, you scared the shit out of me,” Mark said, turning the water off.

“Sorry,” Roger said, not sounding the least bit apologetic. “Notice anything different?” he asked, bringing Marks attention back to him.

Mark turned around, giving Roger a long examining look. “You took a shower finally, and you shaved,” he said, running a hand over Rogers smooth cheek, thankful that Collins had finally talked some sense into him.

“Collins had some good points. I never realized how close I am to losing you Mark. He said I should think of my own way to convince you to stay. I have no ideas, so I’m going to ask you. What do I have to do to get you to stay with me?” Roger asked softly, his eyes pleading with Marks.

“Can we talk about this someplace that isn’t the bathroom? It’s kind of weird in here,” Mark said as he playfully shoved Roger towards the closed door.

“Uh Mark, it isn’t opening,” Roger said, turning the handle and shoving the door as hard as he could.

“You never fixed the door? Dammit Roger you told me you fixed it weeks ago,” Mark said, trying his hand at the door.

“I thought I did,” he said with a shrug. “So when do you think Collins will come looking for us?” he asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Tomorrow probably, there’s a Life Support meeting that he’s going to try and talk you into going to.” Mark sighed and sat down on the counter as Roger leaned against the wall. “About that talk you wanted to have…” Mark said softly, at least Roger couldn’t storm off while they were locked in a room together.

Roger shrugged, crossing his arms over his chest, not sure what to say. “God Mark where do I start? Collins told me not to act with my mind, but with my heart, so here goes,” Roger said, walking over to Mark and placing a hand on either side of Marks legs.

“What are you doing Roger?” Mark asked, licking his lips nervously, his eyes never leaving the unreadable look in Roger’s eyes.

“Kissing you,” Roger said with a smile before capturing Marks lips with his own and kissing him none to gently. Mark froze, his mind working on over drive as he tried to figure out what was going through Roger’s head.

“Roger,” Mark protested softly, pulling away slightly.

“Stop thinking Mark. Thinking only fucks things up. Kiss me,” Roger said, resting his forehead against Marks.

Mark hesitated for a moment before giving into one of his most secret fantasies. He Roger cautiously at first, the harder as he gained confidence, his hands sliding under Rogers tee shirt, caressing the bare skin under his fingertips. Mark moaned softly when Roger’s hands came to rest on Marks belt buckle. “Roger please,” he begged softly.

“You sure about this?” Roger asked as he slid his shirt off.

“Right now? I sure am, but you’d better kiss me before I start thinking again,” Mark said with a smile, pulling Roger closer to him. Roger obeyed, kissing him as Mark fumbled with the button on Roger’s jeans.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Roger complained, realizing that Mark was still fully dressed. He remedied that by pulling Marks sweatshirt over his head, kissing the bare skin as he exposed it. Mark pushed Roger away gently and Roger froze, confused. Had Mark changed his mind?

“I have to get up to take my pants off, unless you’ve changed your mind…” Mark broke off, laughing when Roger scrambled backwards-allowing Mark to stand up.

“By all means take them off, in fact I’ll help,” he said, undoing Marks belt one handed as he kissed him.

“How the hell did I get naked before you did?” Mark wondered, breaking the kiss as his hands travelled down to Rogers boxer clad ass.

“I work fast,” Roger teased as his hand wrapped around Marks erection, squeezing gently.

Mark moaned into Rogers shoulder, his teeth nipping the flesh lightly. “You. Naked. Now,” he demanded, finally stripping Roger of his last piece of clothing. Talk was forgotten as the two young med explored new places, hands and mouths found themselves in what was once uncharted territory as best friends crossed a line neither knew existed.

Mark was surprised when Roger slipped a small foil package into his hand and growled “fuck me,” into his ear.

“You sure?” Mark asked, his eyes scanning the room and coming to rest on a bottle of lotion in the corner.

“It’s safer,” Roger said softly as Mark grabbed the bottle and squeezed some into his hand.

Mark didn’t have to be told twice, he wanted this as much as Roger did. He positioned Roger so that he was slightly bending over the bathroom counter as his hand slid down to Rogers butt. Mark slipped one finger into Rogers tight opening and a second and then a third, Marks face never leaving Rogers reflection in the mirror.

“How do you…” Mark asked softly as he slipped the condom on.

“I don’t care, I just want you in me,” Roger gasped, his eyes meeting Marks in the mirror.

Mark kissed the back of Rogers neck, his hands resting on Rogers hips as he entered him with one hard and quick thrust.

Roger gasped in pain, his eyes closing. “Don’t move,” he whispered softly, trying to will his body to relax. Mark covered Rogers back in soft kisses as he reached around, playing with Roger’s balls until he felt Roger relax around him. Mark slid out of Roger, changing angles slightly before entering him once again, smiling when Roger moaned in pleasure as Mark brushed against his prostate. Mark quickly found a rhythm that suited both of them, loving the feel of Roger underneath him.

“Cum for me,” he murmured into Rogers ear, sucking on the lobe as Rogers breathing became faster. Roger called out Marks name as he came all over the counter. Marks release soon followed with him biting into Rogers shoulder to keep from screaming.

Mark lay his head on Rogers back as the breathing in the small bathroom returned to normal. Roger made a sound of protest as Mark shifted his hips and pulled out of him, slipping the condom off as he did so.

“I should’ve known you were a fucking vampire,” Roger joked, rubbing his sore shoulder.

Mark shrugged, cheeks flushing in embarrassment as he examined Roger’s shoulder. “At least I didn’t draw blood.”

“Yeah well… dammit still stuck in the bathroom. I’m sweaty, stick and sore, I need a shower,” Roger declared, turning the shower on.

“Two showers in one day? I’m impressed,” Mark said with a laugh, wondering how long it would take to get awkward.

“You’re thinking again, I can see it in your eyes,” Roger said, kissing Mark softly.

“You mentioned a shower?” Mark asked, raising an eyebrow. “Can I join you?”

“You sure as hell aren’t going to watch. Get your ass in here, “Roger said as he stepped under the water. Mark rolled his eyes and joined him under the lukewarm water, kissing him, unable to believe what had just happened between them.

The two young men managed to make it through the shower without jumping each other, both of them intent on somehow getting out of that bathroom and to a bed. “So, how do we get out?” Mark asked, walking over to the door after slipping his boxers back on.

“On the count of three we both run into it as hard as we can? It’s better than staying here all night,” Roger said, defending his idea as Mark gave him a questioning look.

“Sure, whatever,” Mark said, shaking his head as they got into position.

“Ready? Go!” Roger said and they both ran at the door. The doorframe gave a creak of protest before cracking and allowing the door to fly open.

“Ow,” Mark complained, rubbing his sore shoulder as he glanced back at the broken door. “You’re actually going to fix it this time right?”

“Only if you help, you know I only mess things up I try to fix,” Roger said with a laugh, his arm resting comfortably around Marks shoulders.

Mark yawned as he agreed to help with the reconstruction project, neither of them actually planning on fixing the door because it required money that just wasn’t there. “Bed?” he suggested, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Bed,” Roger agreed, leading Mark over to his bed.

Tags: fanfiction, mark/roger, rated nc-17, rent
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