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Title: Holiday Shopping
Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Feedback: It’s my drug of choice
Pairing: Roger/Mimi and Mark is there too
Word Count: 519
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, general
Summary: Roger gets a job to buy Mimi a Christmas present. Takes place about a year post-Rent
Notes: This was written in like 20 minutes before I left for work, so bear with it.
Special Thanks: Many thanks go to the wonderful drink that is Mountain Dew because without it, nothing would be possible
Spoilers: Nada
Warnings: Nope
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Rent and its characters belong to the late Jonathan Larson.

     Roger Davis sighed as he walked down the streets of the center of the universe, on his way to work of all places. He never thought that anyone would hire an ex-junkie, but at the end of November, no one was particular about who they hired. This was all Mimi’s fault. His goal was to work long enough to make enough money to buy her something expensive for Christmas and a damned job was the only way that was going to happen. He walked into the McDonalds, amazed at the crowd of hungry holiday shoppers that was lined up around the fast food restaurant. He clocked in and began taking orders like a robot, not even looking at the faces of the sheep that were baa-ing out their orders, bitching when it took longer than five minutes.
     Finally, the crowd had dispersed and Roger settled in for the after dinner lull when a voice broke through his daze.
     “So, how’s work?” Mimi asked after she had captured his attention.
     “Hey, I’m workin’ inside and no one’s throwin’ anything at me. It’s a good day!” Roger joked, unaware that Mimi wasn’t alone.
     “I’ll have one of everything,” a familiar voice said with mock seriousness as Roger looked over at him.
     “You got any money?” he asked, knowing that Mark’s answer would be no.
     “You’re the one with the job, you too important to buy your best friend food now?” Mark asked, leaning against the counter, resting his chin on his hands.
     “If Mark gets food, I get food too,” Mimi demanded with a pout that Roger couldn’t resist.
     Roger threw his hands up in surrender, two against one just wasn’t fair. “Fine, what do you want?” he asked, looking over at the clock and realizing it was almost time to get the hell out of Dodge.
     After Mark and Mimi had ordered their food and sat down to eat, Roger grabbed his paycheck and joined them, sliding his arm around Mimi.
     “So, you work tonight?” Roger asked, stealing some of her fries as she leaned against him.
     “As usual on a Friday night. You boys got any plans?” she asked as Mark and Roger exchanged a look.
     “Just some shopping, nothing major,” Mark said with a shrug as they walked out onto the street.
     “Have fun a work,” Roger teased, kissing Mimi as they parted ways at the subway station.
     “Sure I will.” She rolled her eyes, leaving the boys to shop for, whatever boys shopped for, probably porn knowing those two.
     “So what exactly are you getting Mimi for Christmas?” Mark asked cautiously as they walked past a jewelry store.
     “Probably what you’re thinking. Nothing too expansive though, I can’t afford much,” Roger said, opening the door and going into the store with Mark on his heels.
     “You sure you’re ready for this? I mean marriage is a big step,” Mark said, wondering if Roger had thought this through.
     “Neither of us is going to live forever ya know? I just want to be with her Mark,” Roger said with a smile as he browsed the selection of rings.

Tags: fanfiction, rated pg-13, rent, roger/mimi
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