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Title: Determination

Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Feedback: It’s my drug of choice
Pairing: No pairing, focuses on Joanne
Word Count: 502
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Summary: We learn exactly what causes Joanne to be so determined.
Notes: Yes, I know people who were exactly like this as age 14. They knew exactly what they wanted in life and nothing was going to stop them.
Special Thanks: Many thanks go to the food I’m currently eating, for without it, I could not write. 
Spoilers: Nada
Warnings: Nope
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Rent and its characters belong to the late Jonathan Larson.

     Fourteen-year-old Joanne Jefferson sighed in frustration as she stormed up the stairs of her house, annoyed that her parents were so closed-minded. Honestly though, she was sure it was partly her fault, accidentally coming out of the closet at the annual Fourth of July dinner wasn’t a good idea. It’s not like she meant to blurt out that she liked girls, she was still figuring things out herself, but when she heard some of her relatives putting down and insulting her gay cousin, she spoke up and blurted it out. That had been a week ago and her parents had barely spoken to her since, they had simply handed her a pamphlet earlier that day and informed her she was going to boarding school, more specifically Miss Porter’s School for Girls. This was going to be interesting.
     Joanne looked around her dorm room quietly before claiming the bed next to the window, which happened to be the only bed that wasn’t claimed in the small room. She wondered briefly if she should unpack or go familiarize herself with the campus, when the question was answered for her.
     “So this is my new roomie,” a voice said from behind her. Joanne turned around and came face to face with a tall blonde that looked to be at least sixteen.
     “I’m Joanne,” she said with a smile, holding her hand out, expecting a handshake.
     “Sophie,” the blonde said, pushing Joanne’s hand away and hugging her. Joanne was a bit taken aback, but quickly returned the hug, thinking that this was going to be an interesting year.
     “What are you in for?” Sophie asked as she and Joanne walked around the campus, allowing Joanne to get used to her new home.
     “What do you mean?” Joanne asked, glancing over at her roommate.
     “Why did your parents send you here? Most of the girls around here are either so rich their parents just chose to get them out of their hair, complete trouble makers, too smart for their own good, or like me, their parents just couldn’t handle the fact that their little girl likes other little girls,” Sophie explained breezily as they walked into their building and made their way back to their room.
     “Um, I’d have to go with that last one. It was a total accidental and unrehearsed coming out and my parents freaked out. I can still hear my mom, ‘How do you expect to be a lawyer now? It’s going to be hard enough being a female lawyer, but once you add being a lesbian to the equation you’re done for. No law firm is going to hire you.’”
     “What do you plan on doing?” Sophie asked as she flopped down on her bed and propped her chin on her hands.
     “Proving her wrong of course. I’m going to be a damned good lawyer, I’m going to love who I want and my parents are just going to have to learn to except it,” Joanne said, her voice full of determination.

Tags: fanfiction, joanne, rated pg, rent
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