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Title: What are Friends For?
Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Feedback: It’s my drug of choice
Pairing: Mentions of Draco/Harry, Harry/Ron
Word Count: 468
Rating: NC-17 (do I write anything else?)
Genre: Smut, trying hard to be PWP
Summary: After a particularly rough break up with Draco, Harry needs comforting
Notes: I’ve been fangirling over Harry/Ron fanart so I had to try writing it. There may be a second part to this… hanson_phreek has been bitten by the bug of inspiration, be afraid
Warnings: m/m, smut, wanking
Disclaimer: It all belongs to JK Rowling, I only wish I owned Draco. If I did, I would do dirty things to him.

It was a stereotypical dark and stormy night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Harry Potter was curled in the corner of a couch, desperately trying not to cry. His relationship with Draco Malfoy had ended almost an hour ago and he was fucking miserable. He couldn’t believe that Draco had dumped him the week before Christmas, feeding him some shit about needing “space,” whatever that meant. He sighed and pulled a small box out of his pocket, opening it slowly and exposing the Slytherin pendant he had bought Draco for Christmas, maybe he’d send it to him anyway.
Harry smiled slightly at the thought of the blonde Slytherin. He felt a familiar tightening in his pants as he visualized his boyfriend and cast a quick silencing spell on the Gryffindor common room before sliding his pajama pants off. He lay back on the couch in front of the fireplace, his hand going between his legs, brushing his thumb over the head of his penis, moaning softly as he thought of a certain blonde. His quidditch callused hands squeezed his throbbing erection, biting his lip as he imagined it was Draco’s hands causing him pleasure instead of his own. He thrust into his hand, his eyes closed, oblivious to his surroundings and his audience as he moaned Draco’s name.
Harry gasped loudly, his eyes flying open when his hand was pushed away and a warm wetness engulfed his cock. “R-Ron,” he stammered, unable to believe what he was seeing and feeling.
Ron released Harry’s cock momentarily, smiling up at Harry. “Just relax,” he said, kissing Harry’s balls before sucking on them, chuckling slightly when he felt Harry’s hands pulling on his hair.
“Ron, please,” Harry gasped as Ron reclaimed his cock. He thrust deep into Ron’s mouth, not even caring that he was gagging slightly. Harry fucked Ron’s mouth, his hands grasping the couch pillows as he felt his release coming. “Oh god Ron, I’m gonna…” he moaned Ron’s name, one hand buried in Ron’s hair as Ron swallowed every bit of Harry’s semen until Harry’s hips stopped bucking.
“G’night Harry,” Ron said, kissing him softly before leaving the common room and heading for the boys dorms, leaving Harry speechless.

The Next Morning

Harry sighed as he took a drink of his morning pumpkin juice, unable to meet Ron’s eyes across the table. Any attempt at conversation was cut short by the arrival of the mail and a familiar tawny owl settling in on the edge of Harry’s glass.
Harry opened the note, reading it with Ron peering over his shoulder. I’m Sorry were the only two words written on the piece of parchment. He looked up and met Draco’s eyes across the room, smiling at him and never noticing the look of hurt in Ron’s eyes.

Tags: draco/harry, fanfiction, harry potter, harry/ron, rated nc-17
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