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It's sad how addicted I am to nail polish now. I used to be obsessed in middle school to early high school but got out of it. But my nail polish collection is growing by the week so I'm going to make sure that I'm going to use it!

And because I'm taking time to actually do my nails, I'm going to start posting pictures of them, just because! Maybe I'll eventually see a difference as they start growing. Hopefully they actually grow instead of breaking off. And hopefully my willpower holds out and I don't start biting them again!


This is what they look like now. But I'm going to repaint them later tonight. Got bored at work when Tasha was on break and picked most of it off, so it's time for a new color!

I was going to go take a shower, but I've been distracted by an episode of Bones that I haven't seen before. So I'm going to let the shower wait an hour and then see if it'll happen!

I need to remember to get a tiny chain for my toilet. The chain that's attached to the handle that goes to the flusher thingy (gotta love my technical terms) broke and it's annoying having to flush it by hand. I'd call the landlord, but they take for-fucking-ever to fix anything and I'd still be waiting in weeks. So I'd rather spend a couple bucks now and not have to wait for someone to decide to show up. It'll be a two second fix, thankfully!
Tags: [2012], apartment, nails
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