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My teacher for this class is driving me insane. Well, at least she irritated me severely yesterday. We were supposed to read Everyday Use and A Good Man Is Hard To Find for our discussion this week. The issue? Everyday Use isn't in our books. So I left a message on the 'Ask the Professor' thread...

Me: Okay, I feel like a total idiot and I'm probably overlooking something, but I can't find "Everyday Use" in our books... is it online somewhere and that's where i'm supposed to go to read it? I'm just really confused.

Her: Hi Christi! You are correct. Although I have taught this course just once earlier, and I am teaching a revised one again this semester with all of you, I do not see Alice Walker's fiction in our anthology. That is not to suggest that I am not fond of her. I respect and like her writings a lot.

Helpful. Really, really helpful. I mean, I found it online easily enough and I've done the discussion, but the fact that the answer was just so damn unhelpful made me twitch a little.

The Poe class I'm taking? Well, as of this morning, it didn't have a teacher. Apparently they couldn't find one, so the head of the English department is going to be teaching it. Intimidating much? God, it looks like it's going to be murder! But a good murder, I hope! Aka it starts the 20th and I'm going to let other people respond first because I'm a bit confused at him wanting MLA formatting in a discussion post when we're just reading a story/poem and discussing it. We'll see how it goes!

Signed up for next semester too! At the moment I'm keeping an eye out because they have a class on Mark Twain in the online catalogue but when it tried to sign up for me they said it wasn't available. But I'm hoping it will be soon! But if not, I have other classes to fill it! Right now, next semester looks like:
PSYC 301: Biological Basis of Behavior
ENGL 303: Critical Approaches to Literature
ENGL 309: Medieval British Literature
ENGL 441: Post Modern American Lit 1945 - 1999
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