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I hate complaining, but I do really, really hate doctors. No, I haven’t seen one in a couple months, but it’s still driving me insane. I have major foot and ankle issues. The ankle has given me issues since I was threeish and I injured it for the first time. It’s a pain I’m used to after spraining it over and over and over again. When the insane foot pain started, that’s when I started to get worried and made an appointment and was referred to a specialist. The specialist was damn useless. He focused on my ankle (which I told him wasn’t my main concern) and passed the foot off as “maybe nerve damage” and then continued to say that he didn’t know why I was in almost constant pain. I had a bruise on my foot (huge one from dropping a frozen carton of fruit puree on my foot at work that lasted over a month) and he said the pain was from that… even though I told him that the pain started before the bruise ever happened. I think he thought I was trying for drugs or something because I’ll admit, I looked disappointed when all he gave me was Ibuprofen 800 when I told him I was taking 4 of the 200mg ones at a time as it was. Long ramble short, my damn foot really fucking hurts and I’m tired of being in pain but the doctor is damn useless x.x

I think I’m going to do that Monthly Talking Meme that is going around! And since May starts tomorrow, I know I’m slacking, but that’s okay! Feel free to ask me any questions for May! I am blocking out the dates that I’m going to be on vacation though cause I won’t be interneting much while I’m in Ireland, but aside from that, it’s all up for grabs!

May 1:
May 2:
May 3:
May 4:
May 5:
May 6:
May 7:
May 8:
May 9:
May 10:
May 11:
May 12:
May 13:
May 14:
May 15:
May 16:
May 17:
May 18:
May 19: vacation
May 20: vacation
May 21: vacation
May 22: vacation
May 23: vacation
May 24: vacation
May 25: vacation
May 26: vacation
May 27:
May 28:
May 29:
May 30:
May 31:

Tags: [2015], foot pain, health, meme
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