Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

Title: Lunch Time
Chrissy (iwantasoda)
It’s my drug of choice
Roger/Mark, Collins
Word Count:
Romance, General
Roger and Mark are hungry so they decide to make Collins buy them lunch
Written for speed_rent challenge 11
Special Thanks:
To my muses, who are in a slashy mood at the moment
Spoilers: Nada
I own nothing. Rent and its characters belong to the late Jonathan Larson.

"You know... there are times that we're dirt broke and hungry and freezing and I ask myself why the hell am I still living here?" Mark mused as he dug through the cabinets for something remotely edible.
“Why are you still living here?” Roger asked from his position on the couch where he was strumming his guitar idly.
“Because you’re here and you would never move to Scarsdale with me,” Mark replied with a shrug, giving up his search.
“I could see that conversation with your parents now. ‘Hi, I’m Roger, I have AIDS, and I’m fucking your son’ that’d go over real well,” Roger said, rolling his eyes as his pager went off.
Mark sighed at the familiar sound, “Take your AZT and let me brood for a while.”
“Never. I’m supposed to be the one brooding, remember? You’re supposed to be the happy go lucky one without a care in the world, didn’t you get the memo?” Roger asked with a laugh as he got up and joined Mark in the small kitchen.
“Must have missed that one,” Mark said softly, watching Roger take his medicine, wondering if that would be him one day. He had been lucky so far, but his luck would only hold out so long.
“What are you staring at? And if you say nothing I’m going to smack you,” Roger threatened, noticing Mark’s eyes on him.
“You,” was his only answer as he walked over to Roger, kissing him softly.
Roger smiled and returned the kiss, sliding his arms around Mark’s neck, laying his head against Marks. “You want to go see if Collins has any food?”
“Well since he’s teaching at NYU, he should have money, therefore he can buy his old roommate lunch, let’s go find him,” Mark declared, picking up his camera before grabbing Rogers hand and leading him out of the loft.
“How exactly are we going to find Collins? He could be anywhere on campus,” Roger said, surprised he was the voice of reason on this little adventure to the campus.
Mark silently held up a piece of paper. “Believe it or not, teach now has a cell phone which he will regret giving me the number for,” he said with a sly smile, walking over to the nearest payphone.
“Well?” Roger asked after Mark hung up the phone, he was curious and starving dammit.
“He said he’d meet us at that café over there in like five minutes,” Mark said, pointing at a nearby café that was crawling with college students.
“As long as I get food, I’ll go anywhere,” Roger said, taking off at a run, leaving Mark behind him, shaking his head. 
The two soon found themselves at a window table and had already ordered by the time Collins finally showed up.
“Long five minutes there Thomas,” Roger joked, looking pretending to look at his wrist at the watch that was not there.
“I got attacked by students that are actually here to learn believe it or not,” Collins said, defending himself playfully. It was good to be with these two again in happier times.
“So how goes the teaching?” Mark asked as Roger dove into his food, uninterested in conversation.
“It’s one of the better jobs I’ve had. I think this one might last a while, Collins said, taking a drink of his coffee as he watched the younger men eat like they hadn’t had anything in days.
“Thanks for lunch Collins,” Mark said, giving him a hug as they left the café.
“Glad to do it,” he said, slipping something into Mark’s hand.
“Collins we can’t take this,” Mark protested, trying to hand the money back to his friend.
“Yeah, we came to con you out of dinner, not beg for a hand out,” Roger butted in, his arm around Mark’s waist.
“I’m not taking it back. Use it for food, it should last you a while. I worry about you two, you need to take better care of yourselves okay,” Collins insisted, putting the money into Mark’s shirt pocket.
“Thanks Collins,” Roger said softly, giving in. “We need the food,” he explained when Mark started to protest.
“You’re too good to us Collins,” Mark said with a smile, knowing that Roger was right. They needed food and a few other necessities and this money should last them a while. And when it was gone? They’d do what they always did, live on cereal and if got bad enough, they could always go back to Scarsdale.
Tags: speed_rent
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