Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

Title: Detention
Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Feedback: My drug of choice
Pairing: pre Draco/Harry
Word Count: 503
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Summary: After a particularly disastrous potions class, Harry and Draco find themselves in detention.
Notes: Written for 50passages #13: The dark water boiled, and there was a hideous stench.
Spoilers: nope
Warnings: nada
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling pwns all

          Harry cautiously entered the Potions classroom, not knowing what kind of mood Snape would be in and he didn’t want to make this detention worse than it had to be. The heavy door slammed shut behind him, alerting Professor Snape to his arrival.
          “Late as usual Mister Potter. Tonight you and Mister Malfoy,” Snape motioned to the scowling blonde, “will be completing the dreamless sleep drought you were too incompetent to brew properly in class,” he continued, flicking his wand and the instructions appeared on the chalk board. “You will not be leaving until you both have competed it properly,” Snape threatened as he sat down at his desk and began to grade papers.
          Harry glared at Draco; it was the Slytherin's fault he was stuck in detention anyway. Draco had switched his dragon’s blood with doxy blood. Harry had watched in horror as the dark water boiled and a hideous stench filled the dungeon, earning him a reprimand, and the loss of house points from Snape.
          Harry immediately knew that Draco had sabotaged his potion somehow and planned his revenge as he examined his ruined assignment. When Draco wasn’t paying attention, Harry had tossed a few shards of unicorn horn into Draco’s cauldron, not expecting the small explosion that followed. Draco got of easy with only a soft “Detention,” from Snape.
          Harry was drawn back to the present by the sound of Draco sighing softly as he prodded the flames under his cauldron with his wand. “What are you staring at Scar Head?” Draco asked with a sneer, noticing that Harry’s eyes were on him.
          “Nothing,” Harry muttered, staring at his cauldron, eyeing the simmering potion as his mind began to wander once again. “What?” he snapped when he felt Draco shake him.
          “You might want to add the dragons blood now,” Draco said, motioning to Harry’s boiling cauldron.
          Harry hastily did so and was pleasantly surprised when the potion turned the correct shade of violet. “Thanks. Why are you helping me?” he asked suspiciously, glancing over at Draco.
          “You heard Snape, neither of us leaves until both potions are prefect and I don’t want to be here all night because of you,” Draco said with a shrug.
          Harry smiled slightly as he examined the Slytherin’s profile; Draco’s hair had reached his chin and was carelessly falling in his eyes as he watched both potions with a critical eye. “Two porcupine quills, not three,” Draco said, rolling his eyes as he plucked the extra quill out of Harry’s hand.
          “Right,” Harry said, glancing over at the instructions; maybe he should pay more attention.
          “God you do need serious help,” Draco said after Snape had dismissed them. Harry shrugged and grunted in affirmation, avoiding Draco’s eyes. “Look, I’ll never admit this again, but I’m not who I used to be, surely you of all people can understand that. If you want help in potions, be in this room tomorrow at seven,” Draco said before walking away from Harry and disappearing around a corner.

Tags: 50passages, draco/harry, harry potter
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