Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

So, what has happened since September? Let's find out! (spoiler: the answer is not much)

Tim had court on October 4th. All in all we were pretty disappointed with her court went. They dropped the charges down from a felony to a misdemeanor because it was a first offense. He got 6 months in jail that was dropped down to 45 days in jail with three years probation and he has to pay back the $5300 he stole.
Tim didn't do 45 days in jail. He went in on October 4th and he got out on Halloween. We thought it was some bad Halloween joke, but no such luck. Seriously the court system sucks
Making an attempt at Nano this year but my month has started out with such a lack of motivation. Mainly because my beloved MacBook Pro decided it wanted to had hard drive problems. Kind of puts a damper on writing when your computer is on the fritz!
Soooo I kinda dropped $2000 on a new one... (thank the gods for apple financing! As long as I pay it off in 18 months there's no interest so hopefully things go right!)
Current word count? 2,636 and that's just from one day. According to the Nano website all I have to do is write 2,100 words a day to be able to finish so I'm going to go hardcore and hope I can manage it!
I miss baseball :(
I get so, so angry every time I see Tim post something on facebook (cause we're still friends). Ugh 🤬🤬

Look how shiny!

That Touch Bar is a thing of absolute beauty!

Old computer vs new! I swear this is one is so light I'm afraid I'm going to break it!

Tags: [2018], [work] sheetz, nano 2018, new computer
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