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20 June 2006 @ 11:59 am

Title: Can We Keep It?

Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)

Feedback: My drug of choice

Pairing: Draco/Harry

Rating: PG-13

Genre:  Fluff

Word Count: 357

Summary: When Harry finds an abandoned kitten he has to convince Draco to let him keep it.

Notes: Written for 25fluffyfics #16: Puppy/Kitten

Spoilers: Nope

Warnings: m/m relationship

Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling pwns all

          “Draco!” Harry called out as he walked up the stairs towards the bedroom holding something wrapped in a blanket.

          Draco jerked awake when he heard Harry yelling. He groaned and sat up as Harry entered the room. “What the hell is that?” he asked, noticing that the blanket was moving.

          “I found him outside and it’s freezing out there. I couldn’t leave him,” Harry said, placing a solid white kitten on Draco’s chest.

          “A-a cat? Oh come on, you know I detest cats,” Draco protested as the kitten sunk it’s claws into the tender flesh of Draco’s bare chest. “Take the damned cat,” he insisted as drops of blood began to run down his chest.

          “Come on Draco, it’s only a baby,” Harry said, picking the kitten up and cuddling it to his chest.

          “A lethal baby,” Draco grumbled, wiping the blood off his chest with a tissue.

          “He doesn’t know any better,” Harry insisted, sitting down on the bed.

          “Can we deal with the cat in the morning? It’s after midnight,” Draco asked with a yawn, watching Harry set the kitten and blanket down in a chair across the room.

          “You okay?” Harry asked, kissing Draco’s scratched chest softly.

          “I’ve had worse, hell you’ve done worse to me during sex,” Draco said with a laugh as he wrapped his arms around Harry.

          “You didn’t complain,” Harry said, kissing Draco good night. “So, can we keep it?” he asked, watching the kitten run across the room and climb up the comforter and into the bed with the two of them.

          “Well, I guess he is cute,” Draco admitted as the kitten curled up on Harry’s stomach and began to purr loudly.

          “You want to name him?” Harry asked as Draco reached over and stroked the kitten’s soft fur.

          “Ebony,” Draco said with a slight smirk as Harry laughed.

          “For a solid white cat? It’ll certainly confuse people. I like it,” Harry said, laying his head on Draco’s shoulder.

          “I still don’t like cats,” Draco insisted as he closed his eyes.

          “Of course you don’t,” Harry said with a smile, petting the kitten as he closed his eyes.

Jaeenchanted_jae on June 22nd, 2006 07:26 am (UTC)
H/D and kittens...it doesn't get any better than that! *adores*

And it was a white kitten. I've had many white cats over the years. The last one was named Rane, and he was a total sweetheart.
hanson_phreekhanson_phreek on June 26th, 2006 12:50 am (UTC)
cute, cute. *points up at first sentance in above comment* i agree.