Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

Title: Interruptions
Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Feedback: My drug of choice
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: R
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 822
Summary: When Draco is injured, Harry provides some TLC
Notes: Written for25fluffyfics #12: hurt and 50passages #55: _____ was snoring at his side long before he himself closed his eyes.
Spoilers: Draco’s a death eater, did you know that?
Warnings: m/m relationship
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling pwns all

       Draco moaned softly, his hand buried in the hair of the person between his legs. “Please,” he whispered when the warm mouth left his painfully hard cock and moved up to his lips.

          “Fuck me Draco,” Harry requested, pressing a vial into Draco’s hand.

          “My pleasure, turn over,” Draco said, rising to his knees as he uncorked the bottle. “Ready?” Draco asked, his index finger seeking entrance. Harry moaned in pleasure as two fingers entered him, stretching him eagerly as a third finger was added.

“Fuck, please,” Harry begged as Draco’s fingers found his prostate.

“Patience,” Draco said with a smirk, planting a kiss at the base of Harry’s spine as he reached around with his left hand and began stroking Harry’s cock. “Oh bloody fucking hell,” he exclaimed, pulling his hand away from Harry and cradling his left arm to his chest.

“Draco?” Harry asked questioningly as he looked back at him.

“I have to go. Bastard had bad timing,” Draco said apologetically as he left the bed and dug in the closet for his robes.

“Looking for this?” Harry asked, handing Draco a solid white mask.

“Yeah, thanks,” Draco said, taking the mask as he slipped on a pair of black boots.

Harry kissed him softly. “Be careful.”

“Always,” Draco said with a small smile before putting the mask on and apperating to the meeting point.

When Draco reappeared a few hours later, he discovered Harry curled up in the middle of the bed wearing dark green pyjama bottoms and reading a well-worn book. “You waited up,” Draco said softly, announcing his presence.

“You’re back,” Harry said, his eyes lighting up as he left the bed and walked over to Draco, making the light in the room brighter as he did so. “Merlin Draco,” he said quietly as he realized that Draco was covered with blood. “How much of it is yours?” he asked as he removed Draco’s blood stained mask. Draco shrugged as he pulled his shoes off as he walked towards the bathroom. “What happened tonight?” Harry asked, placing his hands on Draco’s bare shoulders as the large bathtub filled with water.

“I can’t tell, you know that,” Draco said, turning so Harry could see his injuries.

“That looks broken, you can see it,” Harry said, touching Draco’s ribs gingerly, his eyes flicking to the large gash on Draco’s left bicep that was still seeping blood. “You gonna be okay in here?” Harry asked, grabbing Draco when he stumbled.

“Fine, one too many Cruccio’s, that’s all. Go,” Draco said, shooing Harry out of the bathroom.

“I’ll be ready,” Harry said, glancing over his shoulder one last time before leaving the bathroom.

“I’m sore and it’s not the good kind of sore,” Draco grumbled as he walked naked into the bedroom.

“Sit,” Harry said, pointing to the bed as he uncorked a vial of potion. “Drink,” he said, handing the vial to Draco as he sat back against the fluffy pillows.

“One word sentences, this could be fun,” Draco said, taking the vial and downing the potion in one swallow. “Ew,” he said, grimacing at the taste as he put the empty vial on the side table. “Kiss,” he said, making another face when Harry passed him another vial.

“You’re hopeless,” Harry said with a laugh, kissing Draco softly before laying his head against his boyfriend’s. “Just drink the damned potion.”

“Don’t want to, it makes me sleep,” Draco protested.

“And you need to sleep to heal,” Harry insisted as he rubbed a thick cream on Draco’s injured bicep.

Draco winced and squeezed the glass vial tightly. “Fuck,” he said, his eyes closing in pain as Harry wrapped his arm tightly in bandages.

“Not much I can do about the ribs, sorry,” Harry said softly, turning the lights down as he crawled into bed next to Draco.

“Thank you for everything,” Draco said, finally downing the second potion before snuggling up to Harry.

“What would you do without me?” Harry asked, teasing Draco as he played with his silky blonde hair.

“Pay someone because you’re the only one who’s gullible enough to do it for free,” Draco said with a tired smirk as he looked up at Harry.

“You pay me with sex, so does that make me your whore?” he pondered, squeezing Draco’s hand.

“Damn straight. Now can I sleep?” Draco asked, closing his eyes.

“Of course,” Harry said, turning off the light and the room was quickly engulfed in darkness.

“Don’t leave me,” Draco murmured sleepily, his grip tightening when Harry shifted.

“I’ll be here when you wake up, promise,” he vowed to the darkness.

“You better be. Love you,” Draco said, kissing Harry’s bare chest.

“Love you too,” Harry said with a smile and kissing Draco’s temple as he watched the blonde snuggle deeper under the covers. Draco was snoring at his side long before be himself closed his eyes and fell into a restless slumber.

Tags: 25fluffyfics, 50passages, draco/harry, harry potter
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