Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

Title: Boredom
Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Feedback: Better than chocolate… well, almost
Pairing: John/Bobby
Rating: NC-17
Genre:  fluff, smut
Word Count: 1582
Summary: When John and Bobby are bored at the mansion nothing good can come of it.
Notes: Grr… this is going to be interesting. A lot of firsts in this for me. First time writing outside the Harry Potter fandom in years, first X-Man fanfic and first John/Bobby. Oy… Probably some OOC moments since this is a new fandom for me
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. I just play with them.


            It was a cool fall day at Mutant High and two of the older students were bored, which was never a good thing.  A scream erupted across the grounds as a snowball was launched and easily found its target.

            “Dammit, Bobby. What the hell? How about some warning next time,” John Allardyce snapped as he glared at his best friend from his position stretched out under a large tree.

            “Because it’s no fun when you’re expecting it,” Bobby Drake teased as he sat down next to John, barely resisting the urge to kiss him. They had finally realized a few weeks ago that there was a line that was begging to be crossed, so, naturally, they crossed it and never looked back. What started off as a one-night stand had blossomed into a budding hidden relationship.

            “You’d yell like a little girl if I tossed a fireball at you out of the blue,” John said, rolling his eyes as his hand brushed against Bobby’s.

            “At least my snowballs won’t destroy the place,” Bobby protested, leaning against John. John smiled and leaned over, kissing Bobby’s lips softly, glad for the privacy of the tree.

            “Your lips are cold,” John accused before kissing Bobby again.

            “You have a problem with that? I seem to recall you enjoying the feel of ice cold lips when I was sucking your dick a few nights ago,” Bobby teased, sliding his hand down to John’s belt buckle.

            “No one in their right mind would complain about an amazing blow job,” John teased back, pulling Bobby closer to him and kissing his neck, nibbling and sucking until he reached Bobby’s earlobe. John bit Bobby’s ear causing Bobby to squeak in pain and smack John on the arm.

            “Dammit, that hurt,” Bobby complained as John’s hands slid under his tee shirt.

            “That was the point,” John said, smirking when his hands found Bobby’s nipples. His thumbs flicked over the hardening nubs as Bobby moaned softly.

            “Bastard. Shall we take this inside or give anyone who happens to walk by a show?” Bobby asked as he ran a hand over the bulge in John’s khakis.

            “As much as I’d like to give the world a show, I don’t think Professor X would appreciate it.  You gonna carry me?” he asked with a pout as the other boy stood up.

            “I’m not carrying your lazy ass. First one to the bedroom gets to pick the position,” Bobby called out as he sprinted toward the bedroom.

            “You ass,” John yelled as he ran after his new boyfriend. He laughed as he watched Bobby run for the backdoor while he pounced on the open window.

            “You’re slow,” Bobby yelled as he watched John struggle through the small window before pounding up the stairs with John on his heels.

            They reached the closed bedroom door at the same time, shoving each other as they scrambled for the doorknob and the title of being victorious. “Move over Bobby,” John complained as his hand slipped around the doorknob,

            “You get out of my way,” Bobby said, trying to pry John’s hand off the doorknob. John smiled slightly and allowed his hand to be removed and the second Bobby opened the door, John slipped under his arm and slid triumphantly into the bedroom they shared.

            “I win,” John said, holding his arms up in triumph,

            “You cheated,” Bobby accused with a pout as he slowly walked into the room and closed the door behind him.

            “Did not. You just gave me a window of opportunity and I took advantage of it,” John insisted as he watched Bobby lock the door and walk towards him.

            “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Bobby grumbled good-naturedly as he unbuttoned John’s red shirt.

            “Your bed or mine?” John asked, as he allowed Bobby to strip him down to his boxers.

            “I just changed my sheets,” Bobby replied before kissing John’s chest; this whole relationship thing was weird to him and he wasn’t sure how to act around him sometimes.

            “My bed then?” John offered, noticing Bobby’s hesitance before brushing his lips with a chaste kiss. “What’s on your mind?” he asked as Bobby pulled his tee shirt over his head and tossed it towards his bed.

            “Nothing. This whole you and me thing is taking some getting used to. Just ignore any quiet moments I have,” Bobby said with a laugh as he wrapped his arms around John’s neck.

            “You aren’t the only one getting used to this, trust me,” John admitted as he unzipped Bobby’s pants and pushed them down over his hips. “Going commando today?” he teased as Bobby’s naked ass came into view.

            “No clean underwear,” he confessed with a laugh as he pulled John’s boxers down with one quick tug.

            “Nothing is better than crusty I guess,” John said, sitting down on the bed and pulling Bobby to him. The two teenagers kissed hungrily as hands traveled over what was becoming familiar skin.

            “How do you want me?” Bobby asked as he straddled John and pushed him down onto the mattress, their cocks rubbing together with every move.

            “On your knees with your ass in the air,” John said immediately, this was a position he’d wanted Bobby in for a while. Face to face was nice and all, but today he wanted complete control.

            Bobby laughed and pinned John’s hands above his head as he assaulted his neck and chest with kisses. Bobby kissed a line down John’s chest, stopping only to lick and nip the other boy’s nipples. John moaned softly and arched against Bobby as the mouth found his belly button.  John protested when Bobby’s mouth bypassed his throbbing cock and returned to his neck. “Thought you were going to fuck me,” he teased, planting a kiss on the tip of John’s nose.

            “I plan on it, trust me,” John said, using Bobby’s distracted state to his advantage and tickling him mercilessly until he surrendered and raised off of John.

            “Evil, you’re evil I tell you,” Bobby grumbled breathlessly as he recovered from the assault.

            “Could have told you that, on your knees Iceman,” John growled softly as he dug in the nightstand drawer for the bottle of lube.

            “If you insist Pyro darling,” he teased as he obeyed, rising to his knees as he watched John closely.

            “You what a cool power would be?” John asked thoughtfully as he warmed the bottle slightly, aware of the ice blue eyes that were watching.

            “Do I even want to know what’s going though your head at the moment? I predict that it’s something incredibly dirty,” Bobby said as John crawled across the bed to him and flipped open the top on the bottle.

            “Self lubricating ass. Imagine the fun we’d have then, we’d be doing this anywhere and everywhere,” John said with a smirk as he inserted two fingers into Bobby’s tight opening.

            Bobby gasped in pain at the sudden intrusion. “Warning. Dammit John,” he whispered, falling forward onto his forearms as John froze in concern.

            “You okay? Need me to stop?” John asked as he moved his fingers slowly, trying to stretch Bobby without causing him any more pain.

            “Fine, just shocked me, that’s all. Just stop and I’ll freeze you solid,” Bobby said, moaning as John’s fingers found his prostate.

            John chuckled as he added another finger, making special care to assault Bobby’s prostate with his fingers as he prepared him. “You ready?” he asked as he pulled his fingers away from Bobby and coated his cock with lube.

            “Just fuck me already,” Bobby insisted, turning his head and looking back at John.

            “My pleasure,” he said, adjusting Bobby’s hips before sliding his cock deep into his boyfriend’s ass. Bobby hissed in pleasure, laying his head against the mattress as John began to thrust in and out of him.

            Bobby moaned loudly, not even bothering to stifle the noises John was causing him to make. “Please,” he begged softly, pressing himself closer to his boyfriend as John’s thrusts became harder and more erratic.

            “Please what?” John teased, smirking when Bobby gripped at the sheets with his fingers as he felt a familiar tightening sensation in his balls.

            “I’m gonna-“ Bobby cried out John’s name as waves of pleasure washed over his body. John cried out wordlessly, squeezing Bobby’s hips tightly as his own release washed over him.

            John kissed Bobby’s back before sliding out of him and laying down on his stomach beside him. “Gets better every time,” he said, as Bobby turned over to lay on his side.

            “You suck at pillow talk,” Bobby said with a laugh as the scent of food began to waft under the closed door.

            “I smell dinner,” John said, rising up on his elbows and looking down at Bobby.

            “I think we just worked up an appetite and deserve to eat everything in sight,” he said, reaching up and grabbing John’s shoulder, pulling him down for a kiss.

            “Sounds good to me. I guess clothing is required  for dinner huh?” John complained good naturedly as he looked for his clothes.

            “Don’t think they’d appreciate us showing up naked,” Bobby said as he sat up and crawled off the bed.

            “Would be funny though,” John said as he watched Bobby get dressed.

            “First one to dinner gets a blow job,” Bobby said, wrenching the bedroom door open and jogging down the stairs.

            John laughed and took his time getting up and dressed. This was one time he didn’t mind losing to Bobby.

Tags: fanfiction, john/bobby, rated nc-17, xmen
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