Chrissy (iwantasoda) wrote,

Title: Next Life
Author: Chrissy (iwantasoda)
Pairing: Axel/Roxas established
Rating: R
Word Count: 724
Summary: Roxas makes a confession to Axel that will change both their lives
Notes: Just a little thing cause I was bored

            It was a clear, moonlight drenched night at The Castle That Never Was and all good little Organization members were snuggled deep in their beds sound asleep. Well, almost all the members anyway. In a tower at the far side of the castle, a figure could be seen looking out a uniquely shaped window at the castle below him.
            Roxas sighed and crossed his arms over his chest at the sound of a portal appearing behind him. “What do you want?” he asked, not even bothering to turn around to look at the person behind him.
            “I thought I’d find you here. What’s bothering you Rox?” Axel asked, walking up to join Roxas at the window.
            Roxas shrugged and glanced over at Axel, rolling his eyes when he noticed that Axel was wearing nothing but a pair of green boxers and a black bathrobe. “Is there a reason you aren’t wearing clothes?” he asked, a smile playing at his lips as he looked over at his best friend.
            Axel glanced down at himself, pretending to look confused. “I am wearing clothes, just not many. You, however, are wearing too many,” he joked, tugging on the sleeve of Roxas’ leather trench coat.
            “I’m leaving,” Roxas said suddenly, looking away from the red-head, not wanting to see his reaction.
            “No you’re not,” Axel said cautiously, he had heard Roxas say this very thing before and he was still here.
            The younger man sighed and rubbed his eyes tiredly. “I mean it this time Axel. I need answers to my questions, and Xemnas can’t or won’t answer them. I have to find Sora,” the last part was said so softly that Axel barely heard him.
            Axel closed his eyes as he reached out to Roxas and slid an arm around his shoulders. He planted a soft kiss on the top of the younger man’s unruly hair and sighed as Roxas turned to face him. “I’ll tell Xemnas,” he threatened half heartedly as Roxas rolled his eyes.
            “Yeah, I really believe that.” He glanced up at Axel and smirked, one hand resting over the red heads heart while the other one played with the belt of the robe.
            Axel raised an eyebrow, watching Roxas’ hands in amusement. “You’re thinking naughty thoughts,” he accused, tugging on the zipper of the trench coat and exposing the pale flesh that lay beneath.
            “I’m not the only one,” Roxas teased as he untied the robe and pointedly started at the rather large bulge that was very noticeable through Axel’s thin boxers.
            Axel shrugged, “What can I say, my mind is always in the gutter. That’s why you love me,” he teased as he slid the supple leather away from Roxas’ shoulders and onto the floor.
            “Who says I love you?” the younger man scoffed, rolling his eyes slightly.
            ‘Well, at least it’s the reason you tolerate me,” the red head corrected himself, his index fingers tracing along Roxas’ collar bones before trailing lower.
            An involuntary gasp left Roxas’ throat when Axel’s fingers reached his nipples, “This isn’t going to stop me from leaving,” he insisted, catching Axel’s hands in his own.
            Axel closed his eyes and sighed. “I know,” he said, lifting one of Roxas’ hands to his lips and kissing his knuckles softly.
            “I’m sorry Axel, or as sorry as I can be without a heart,” the younger nobody said quietly, his arms sliding around Axel’s waist for a final hug.
            “Do what you have to,” Axel said, stepping away from his best friend and walking out the door without looking back.
            Roxas took a steadying breath as he stepped out into the streets of The World That Never Was. He looked around the city one last time as he made his way toward the city gates.
“Your mind’s made up?” a voice asked out of the shadows causing Roxas to pause.
            “Why did the Keyblade choose me? I have to know,” he said, glancing over at his best friend.
            “You can’t turn on the Organization! You get on their bad side and they’ll destroy you.” Axel exclaimed, letting his frustration out as he stared at the back of Roxas’ head.
            “No one would miss me.”
            “That’s not true… I would.”
            Roxas scoffed slightly as he began to walk away. “I’ll see you again, in the next life.”
            “I’ll be waiting.”
Tags: axel/roxas, fanfiction, kh fanfiction, kingdom hearts, rated r
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